ZeroHouse – Zero Harm for Environment

modern zero house

It’s been two years since concept of the house with zero energy consumption was published. The idea was so interesting, that architects from "Specht Harpman" were able to quickly find the investments to bring this idea to life. And now this house has all the necessary paperwork to get built.

The approximate cost of this house will be 300-350 thousand dollars.

The ZeroHouse was projected to be maximum harmless for environment. That is why it is entirely autonomous:

  • Energy supply is provided by highly effective solar panels that produce the electricity and save it in the batteries.
  • Rainwater is collected in the upper reservoir with the roominess of 2700 gallons. The water is provided to the faucets by means of gravitation which excludes the necessity of using pumps that needs a lot of electricity.
  • All the processes in the house are controlled by a system of sensors that can be managed from any smartphone.
  • All the waste is processed in the canner department, situated under the house. It turns the organic waste into compost that needs to be discarded twice a year.
  • Only the energy-saving materials were used for building ZeroHouse.
  • A special ventilation system has been created.

ZeroHose is perfect for short-term as well as for continued living.

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