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panoramic windows

Panoramic windows look always posh and prestigious. It adds more light and brings the feeling of open space into any place. You can enjoy the view of nature or city landscape (depending on where you live) any time you wish – while having a morning cup of coffee or during diner…

This type of glazing has appeared in the French region Provence, that’s why it is also often called French windows and has become widespread all over the world. The mild climate and beautiful nature in this place really dispose of relaxed reflection and enjoying every moment of life. They also look very well in the forest houses, which gains popularity among downshifters. Panoramic window, which in this case can take the whole wall, remove the visual obstacle between human and nature.

But it needs to be understood, that panoramic windows are the best for places with a warm climate. They can be used in other regions, but the heating appliances, that must be placed in front of the window in order for them to be the most effective, can obstruct the view and spoil the whole impression. A good way to solve this problem is arranging those heating appliances on the floor.

You also have to think twice before buying apartments with panoramic windows if you have little kids in your family, as it can be not safe. But this problem can be easily solved as well. There are special protecting constructions that should be placed in front of it for the time when it can be dangerous for kids to be close to those windows.

Cleaning of French windows is not an easy thing, especially if we are talking about apartments in a multi-story building. This task can be accomplished only by special services and the cost can be really high.

The decoration of French windows with textile also has nuances. Most of the time they do not use any curtains for panoramic windows – it must be open as much as possible and not obstructed with anything. But the Italian curtains and blinds, sandglass drapes, and light airy fabrics are totally acceptable.

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