You Are Invited To Relax in a Mansion From the Legendary Franchise Home Alone

Mansion From the Home Alone

Airbnb has recently launched the ability to book the McCallister family's house from Home Alone.

The owner of the mansion, on behalf of Buzz McCallister (the older brother of Kevin), invites you to live in the legendary house.

The space has four guest rooms and two bedrooms. The mansion from the original movie is decorated in a Christmas style and looks exactly like in the film. The house that is located 16 kilometers from Chicago also has places where scenes from the first film are recreated.

Airbnb currently states that the house can be booked for one day- December 12th. The host noted that the booking will open on December 7th. Such a pleasure will cost you 25 dollars plus additional charges, and all the money from the fees will go to charity. Namely, the money will be transferred to the account of the La Rabida Children's Hospital. 

The lucky ones will be able to set their own traps. The guests will not be hungry either. They will be offered pizza and macaroni and cheese cooked in the microwave.

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