Wooden Blanket: Wood That Can Be Folded

wooden blanket

The project Wooden Textile that belongs to German designer Eliza Stroyzk is probably the most impressive current in textile design that only exist today. She creates the technology of wooden carpets and blankets. Elisa is a student of St. Martin’s Central College of Art, but even now her design has become pretty widespread.

The principle of this material is very simple – it consists of plenty pieces of wooden veneer, cutted out with special laser machine. Those pieces are adjusted to the between each other into a polygonal cloth, that can be folded in any way and is very flexible, almost like a normal fabric. It looks absolutely awesome and is 100 % ecological. It also possess unusual tactile properties.

The only minus of this outstanding material can be its price, as such wooden blanket can cost as a handmade Persian rug. But anyway it will definitely find a lot of admirers.

If comparing it with some other similar materials, the parallel with well-known for many ages bamboo math appears. The principle is similar, but still those are pretty different thing.

Wooden textile is a 3-D construction, that can be bended in many ways, and this ability creates impressive effects.

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