Modern Witch Aesthetics for Your Home and Basic Ideas for Creating Witchcraft

Modern Witch Aesthetics

Witchcore aesthetic has become one of the trends just in time for the Halloween season.

So, let's find out what witchcore is?

Briefly about Witch Aesthetic

Witchcore is the aesthetic of everything witch-related. It can be about style in clothing, or it can be a feature of your interior. Spiritual cleansing of the home with crystals and stones, burning herbs, Tarot cards, candles, and the literal practice of magic are all integral signs of this current.

Like fairycore and cottagecore, witchcore heavily relies on adding nature to your surroundings. Dried herbs and blossoms, houseplants, crystals, colorful containers and buckets made from natural materials are all elements of witchcore design.

But for those who delve into real wiccan aesthetic, it goes beyond games.

Witchcore Design Options

Witchcore Design Options

When you have an assortment of witchy apparel, jewelry accessories and makeup products, you can decorate your home with objects that are just as mystical. Depending on your style, witchcore can manifest itself in different ways.

  • For home decor, draw inspiration from the Victorian era: gold mirrors, gilded frames, intricate rugs, wallpaper, a chandelier, a velvet sofa, lots of candles, and artificial oil lamps. Pair these home furnishings with vintage books in leather covers, stacked or in a wooden bookcase.
  • Those who like a quirky, colorful "green witchcore aesthetic” can focus on filling their space with colorful plants and flowers, vintage botanical prints, crystals, and bottles.
  • Witchcore, which tends toward Gothic, can borrow some elements from a somber academic aesthetic – rich, dark reds, browns, and black color schemes of stacks of books and lots of antique light candles.
  • You can also combine witchcore with the classic grand millennial style and start collecting lace fabric doilies, embroidered cushions and tapestries.

The Right Time for Cottagecore Witch Aesthetic

Have no doubt that fall and the approaching Halloween is the perfect time for many people to choose to actively incorporate witch style into their spaces. Potion jars, spell notebooks, skulls, broomsticks and other witch paraphernalia pop up in the house. And if you also have a black cat – that's Jackpot! Many people decorate their homes with the witch aesthetic decor every October and create their own magical atmosphere.

So what's the best way to incorporate some stylish witchy must-haves into your home? We're about to tell you.

Potion Jars and Bottles

Potion Jars and Bottles

One more way to bring a witchy aesthetic to your apartment is with vases that look like the potion bottles you can find at the drugstore. Try to look for potion vases that look like you can make a potion in them.

Such potion vases can be placed all over the house. It is very stylish and thematic. It is also a good idea to put some artificial flowers in them. After all, these types of vases are perfect for succulents.

Mysterious Skulls

Not the least way to bring a modern witch aesthetic into your space is to use different skills. You don't have to use scary and ugly shapes. You can even design such an object in a cute and tasteful way.

Mysterious Skulls

Treat the skull as a work of art or art object. You are sure to find some really beautiful skulls that you can buy online or in a store. Also, you can safely grow flowers and all sorts of plants in special skull vases.

There are plenty of stylish ways to incorporate skulls into interiors that aren't gaudy, literal or Halloween-specific. Experiment and come up with your own sophisticated ways to place skulls in the interior. Herbs, flowers, and other plants are not only useful for magical work, witches have a deep connection with nature and live in harmony with it.

Decor with Magic Stones and Crystals

Decor with Magic Stones and Crystals

Some belief and some do not believe in the magical properties of gemstones and crystals. But crystal witch aesthetics definitely evoke a sense of power when used in such things as home decor and jewelry.

Although it is more costly, if possible, choose real metals and stones rather than imitations to get the full effect. If this is not possible, try choosing home decorations based on colors, symbols, or shapes. And it's certainly an important part of the witches' aesthetic.

Candles and Scents

Candles and Scents

Candles have been used for magic in many cultures for centuries, whether it's a religious pillar lit to honor a certain saint, or a candle of a certain color used to invoke everything from love to change.

Use a lot of candles. But it shouldn't look like you intend to perform an ancient ritual. Let the candles create warmth, an atmosphere of coziness, and bring a little magic to your home.

If you're a fan of scented candles, we suggest you use autumnal, spicy scents.

But don't overdo it, as lighting lots of candles can make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Although not a witchy decor item per se, essential oil diffusers are great for the bedroom.

Essential Oil Diffusers

If you're not a fan of scented candles, but want to bring a nice scent into your home space, take note of diffusers.

Magical Jewelry

Magical Jewelry

Every witch has a large selection of witchy magical jewelry. So why not display some of your favorite jewelry as home decor in a visible place? Get a jewelry box for your necklaces and earrings. You can also find a jewelry rack to hang your magical necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on.

Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror

Another opportunity to add witchcraft to the interior and create a spectacular place in the house is to purchase a mirror. Everyone knows that a mirror is a portal to the otherworldly world of witches and the dead. Most magical rites are performed with the help of mirrors. Therefore we advise you to use this object to the fullest!

Spooky Masterpieces

A nature witch aesthetic can't be complete without masterpieces and pieces of art that carry mystery, mystery, and a bit of creepiness.

Spooky Masterpieces

If you're on the lookout for beautiful and spooky paintings-seek out your artist whose work is to your liking. Versatile nature paintings can hang year-round and delicately turn on the creepy vibe through art.

One of the recommendations is to go for a walk in the countryside on a foggy, gloomy day and just take a few photos on your iPhone of what's around you.

Let's suppose you find a gorgeous tree with fruitless branches, take a photo of it, and make it into black and white.

You can do whatever you want. All you need to do is just print it out on a home printer and put it in a frame. It's really easy to make original artwork in this way.

Depicting Witches and Wizards

Depicting Witches and Wizards

Place not only paintings of landscapes but also portraits in your space. Let it be those personalities from whom you can feel all the power and strength of witch energy.

Light Holders

Light Holders

Everything should reek of mysticism, even lamps! Feel free to mount stylish wall holders and hang unique and beautiful light fixtures around the house. This can give your home a charm never before seen.


Dreamcatchers witchcore

It's good to have at least one dream catcher hanging in the witch bedroom aesthetic. These days you can buy dream catchers almost anywhere, and for more magical effect, make your own! It's a great piece of witch aesthetic room decor that serves to screen out bad dreams!

Witch's Curtains

Your witch's bedroom should have curtains that can be draped but still bring an air of magic to the room. These can be lightweight materials as well as darkened curtains made of heavy fabrics. But your curtains in any case should match the solar witch aesthetic of the whole interior.

Witch Aesthetic Wallpaper

Witch Aesthetic Wallpaper

Make your witch room aesthetic or your entire apartment magical with the right wallpaper. This can be anything from gothic style with shades of black, gray, or red to bohemian with bright, cheerful colors and patterns. Choose colors that mean something to you. The magic lies in your choices. Add red to your bedroom and liven up your romantic life. Blue and gray soothe and relax before bedtime.

One of the most common bases for decor on the wall: plywood, board, cardboard, glass, fabric, lace, metal, leather, or burlap.

The Color Palette

The choice of color makes a big difference. For example, gold and copper colors are suitable for home interiors. They are sure to attract good luck and success for all household members.

If you're on the lookout for inspiration and looking for options on how to design your witchcraft aesthetic interior, take our tip. We suggest you take a look at examples of witchcraft and magic aesthetics from the movies.

It could be a Victorian witch mansion somewhere on the coast. With a huge kitchen, a wood-burning fireplace, a greenhouse filled with plants or herbs, and another witchy house decor.

You're sure to find something for you here:

  1. "Practical Magic”
  2. "Kiki's Delivery Service"
  3. "Hocus Pocus"
  4. "Harry Potter"
  5. "Bell, Book & Candle"
  6. "I Married a Witch"
  7. "The Witches of Eastwick"
  8. "The Extended Potterverse"

This is the kind of aesthetic that looks like it's been gathered and implemented for years. So, keep an eye out for witch home decor and begin creating your perfect witchy aesthetic space gradually and, like a mantra, with a clear and precise purpose.

And remember, your home is meant to be beautiful – and magical always. And we're here to help you do it!

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