Which Kind of Textile Makes Your Room Look More Harmonious?

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Textile is the unique designers’ instrument. From one side it can radically change the mood or even the style of interior, and from the other – it is probably the most interchangeable thing in the room. So, the knowledge about how to use it correctly gives you unlimited opportunities to create plenty of different variants of design without serious renovations and changes.

The textile can be present not only as soft furniture, drapes, pillows, and carpets – nowadays it can be present on the walls in soft panels, pictures, and even wallpaper.

No doubt, different interior design styles demand different types of textile.

Minimalism, High-Tech, Country “Simple Styles”

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Here textiles do not attract a lot of attention and mimic the interior. It performs its role modestly, not showing itself in bright colors and complicated patterns. Country-style demands a lot of simple natural materials – linen, cotton, which also merge with the surrounding.


Textile must transmit the national hue: for example, in safari-style, you should use bright saturated colors and patterns.


In this type of interiors, you can meet only expensive textile - brocade, silk, and satin, which are used for the creation of complicated forms of massive draperies.

For the Kids

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There are some necessary requirements here. Try to use as many natural materials as possible, but also remember about the hypoallergenic properties of theirs. It doesn’t have to collect the dust. Make sure, that at least one layer is thick enough to protect your kid from the sun rays from the window. The rest must be adjusted to the taste of the child.

There are also some modern trends in textile, which can help you to be up to date.

Deep Colors

how to use the textile for decoration

You can accentuate some details with a dint of bright textile in a monochromic interior. It can be one accent color or two contrasted ones.

Tropical Motives

It can be depicted as a leaf of tropical plants or exotic animals. But make sure that the interior is not oversaturated with such details.

Floristic Patterns

This trend is getting more and more popular: big plants and leaves of tender pastel colors, depicted in herbarium style, make the room cozier and warmer.


Graphic effects refer to the issues of digital epoch, pixels, and deformed graphical objects – their methods make the interior looking dynamic and attract attention. Such accent drapes or pillows can even activate your creativity.

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