What Is Transitional Style?

transitional design definition

This may be the first time you've heard of the transitional style and you are wondering what is transitional design? You were already familiar with contemporary style as well as traditional styles, but they were always either too contemporary or too traditional for your liking.

Thanks to the transitional style, you will finally discover the right in-between for your designer interior. Enough to travel through the ages within your interior design. Nothing is more original than to achieve a completely timeless decoration. In this article, we will introduce you to the transitional decorating style and everything you need to know to integrate it into your home.

What Is a Transitional Home?

transitional decorating

There is no better transitional design definition metaphor than the one of a young and salaried couple who has just moved into an old apartment. With their first salary, they will certainly be able to afford to invest in some new contemporary designer furniture while inheriting classic style family furniture. This perfect marriage between contemporary and traditional style is perhaps even the best definition that one can give to the transitional style.

The transitional style means the combination of two extremes at the same time and playing with this state of tension between different era philosophies. The beauty of this style lies in this sentimental uncertainty between the fascination of past traditional eras and the desire for a distinguished elegant future.

It is a style of character which gives a considerable place to diversity and which uses it as the very foundation of interior design. Several designs perfectly illustrate this style such as Barbara Barry or Christopher Guy. In the rest of this article, we'll give you the best tips for successfully finding the right in-between for transitional decorating.

Transitional Decorating Ideas

what is transitional design

When immersing yourself in the transitional style, it can be difficult to strike the right balance and properly alternate between contemporary and classic style. One of the first pieces of advice we can give you is to assert your traditional choices. Indeed, if you have perhaps just inherited an old wooden cabinet with antique styles from one of your great aunts, avoid hiding it behind a door.

The great flexibility of the transitional style allows you and even encourages you to make it a centerpiece of any of your rooms and to dare to combine it with your new designer furniture. It is precisely this contrast between these two alternating eras that will bring out their uniqueness.

A Style of Freedom

transitional decorating ideas

If you were wondering what is transitional furniture, the answer is anything can be from this antique chair your find in a second-hand shop from the last contemporary minimalist lamp. The transitional decorating style is a style of freedom above any time and space restriction.

The eras of your furniture aren’t the only thing you can vary, but you can also play with different types of textures. Indeed, the variation in texture adds a visual interest that is pleasing to the eye. The transitional style allows you to play with disparate elements and create an uninhibited unity.

With all this diversity, you can have a feeling of losing consistency in your interior design. For this, several tips to help you create a parallel between these unique elements. Use neutral colors that stay in the same panel. You can of course break up the tones with maybe one or two colors that break. You can also find unity in textures. For example, if you have several wooden pieces of furniture from different eras, try to combine wood of the same tones.

In this article, we have made you discover the freedoms that the transitional style opens up, enough to let your creativity travel through eras, textures, and colors as you see fit.

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