Difference between a Sofa Bed and Futon

what is the difference between a sofa bed and futon

You have just moved into an apartment and are looking for a place to rest when you get home. Certainly, you are still missing a comfortable sofa that will fit your living room space while providing practicality. In addition, it is important to find a sofa that can also accommodate your friends who, for example, want to stay a night or two at your place. For this, there are two options that are the most valued on the futon vs sofa market. It can sometimes be difficult to fully understand the issues in choosing between futon or couch. But very often this is an investment that will be useful to you for several years and it is therefore essential to choose the one that can suit your desires. In the rest of this article, you can find out what a futon is and where it comes from. Likewise, you will discover what a sofa is and the origins of its use. We will conclude with a comparison of the advantages of each in order to guide you in your choice of interior furniture.

What Is a Futon?

comfortable futons or sofa beds

In order to be able to choose between a futon or a sofa, it is important to start by looking at what a futon is. As mentioned in our blog post: "What is a futon bed? The uniqueness and finesse of Japanese culture described in the futon meaning”, the futon is a type of bed that comes to us from Japan. Although the name futon refers to the entire Japanese bed, it is the mattress that the sofa futon refers to. The futon is a mattress that can be between 5 and 15 cm thick. It is made from a layer of cotton which allows the absorption of moisture from the air and extends the life of the mattress. Apart from apartments where space is often restricted in Japan, the futon has the function of being able to roll up and allow to recover the space that the mattress occupies in the bedroom. It is known that futons have the virtues of alleviating back pain and adapt easily to any type of body type. In addition, the futon provides comfort during sleep but also the comfort of life and interior space.

The ingenuity of this Japanese mattress has been appropriated and re-adapted into a sofa bed. The futons that are generally found are therefore not the same as those found in Japan. They have been adapted to suit the needs and the apartments therefore come in the form of a sofa bed. This type of sofa is therefore a simple mattress, the mechanism of which allows it to be folded or unfolded as desired, on which a futon is added. The malleability of the futon therefore allows it to adapt to the posture in which the box spring is located. It therefore only contains one compartment entirely composed of the mattress.

What Is a Couch?

sofa and futon

The sofa as we know it is a long-standing element of interior design. At the time made of marble, metal, or wood, it was already present among the Greeks and used to welcome guests. It was precise during the Renaissance that the sofa took off and became a real decorative element, adding ornaments such as floral fabrics and other accessories. The sofa as we know it is a piece of furniture that generally has several places that are delimited with the help of a cushion. In addition, they are generally equipped with armrests on each side, an element that was already found during ancient Greece. With the popularization of sofa use, it has been developed in different shapes and with different materials. You can now easily find straight sofas, corner sofas, fold-out sofas, or even convertible sofas.

In this article, it is mainly the comparison of the sofa bed that we are interested in its opposition to the futon. The convertible sofa looks like a normal sofa. But when you open up inside, you'll find a mattress with a fold-out sleeper. So these are two pieces of furniture that have been assembled into one. Unlike the futon, the place you sit on is therefore not the mattress you sleep on.

What Is the Difference between a Sofa Bed and a Futon?

futon or sofa

Now that you've been able to take a look at the futon or sofa, we can dive into the different benefits of sofa and futon. It is quite obvious that the elements to take into consideration in making this decision are comfort and practicality. Indeed, these are generally the two elements that one looks for when deciding to have a sofa bed. It is important to have comfortable futons or sofa beds in whatever decision you decide to make.

The advantage of the sofa bed is mainly the fact that it has two completely separate pieces of furniture. When you rest on the sofa it is independent of the material. This generally allows for particularly comfortable sofa like sofas that do not have the fold-out option. However, often the limited space where the mattress fits does not allow for a very good quality mattress. This is certainly the negative point, unlike the futon, which is generally less comfortable as a sofa but whose bed is particularly comfortable.

As far as practicability is concerned, the sofa bed has the advantage of not demonstrating its second function, which gives the impression of having more space. However, the futon is generally thinner and smaller with only one structure as the sleep arches out to act as a sofa. Therefore, it is easier to unfold and requires little space.

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