What Is Smart Home Technology?

If you have ever wondered what is smart home technology, we will take the time to answer that question for you in the following article. A smart home is a child's dream that comes true. It's all the science fiction novels that come true to transform your home into a robot center at your service. For now, smart home article and possibilities are limited and mainly concern functions such as lighting, heat management etc. But who knows? Maybe one day, real smart house could be able to monitor your children remotely, delegate your household tasks and errands to a robot or an application that takes care of all the chores of daily life. In this article, we invite you to find out more about what is a smart house and what are smart home devices. We invite you to discover what is a smart connected home and what are the possible advantages and risks. Will you opt for a smart house like in science fiction movies?

What Is a Smart Home System?

best smart home features

Simply by using a cell phone, computer or tablet it is now possible to manage a lot of tasks remotely. The ultimate goal that define smart home is to make life easier for homeowners and to allow them to have a peace of mind without worrying about the little things in life. Indeed, with the help of a home automation system that controls everything you have decided for you and remotely it is possible, for example, to check that the lights are off, to close the gate remotely, to be able to turn on the heating or air conditioning before your return home to enjoy a pleasant temperature etc. The comfort is truly enhanced. In order to make your daily life easier, it is therefore essential to put aside your apprehensions and bad judgements about technology. Therefore, a smart home definition is to make your life easier by freeing you from the boring tasks of life to allow you to focus on what you're really passionate about.

Best Smart Home Features

Now that we've given you more smart home information, we're going to take a closer look at what smarts homes can do for you. The owner or tenant of a connected home can control each device separately, make the systems communicate with each other or create "scenarios" by combining several actions. For example you can plan that when you close the shutters of the house, it will also have to reduce the brightness of your home. The smart house will integrate these two actions simultaneously allowing you to go to bed without worrying about anything. Different actions are currently available thanks to a smart home such as

why smart home
  • Raise the temperature in the bathroom, turn on the coffee maker and turn on the radio when you wake up
  • Turn up the heating, deactivate the alarm and open the gate just before returning home
  • Closing all the shutters of the house
  • Program the automatic watering of the plants
  • Receiving an alert and triggering an order when there is a shortage of food in the refrigerator

One of the advantages is that you can customize the scenarios according to your preferences, habits and schedules. If you have children, you can also have special orders for them with fewer features. You can also add other connected objects such as your sound system. You will see how life will become easier when you don't have to worry about all those little tasks that occupy your mind.

What Is Really Making a Smart Home a Good Fit for You?

making a smart home

In the beginning of this article, we introduced you to what a smart house is but without necessarily specifying why you should buy smart house. What are the general advantages in buying a smart house?

Ensure the Protection of the House against the Risks of Burglary

Indeed, smart houses are equipped with motion sensors and intrusion detectors. Thanks to this, you can have the ability to detect the presence of pets thanks to the motion detectors as well as the ability to detect the presence of intruders in your home thanks to the intrusion detectors. This is a real technological breakthrough. You will always be aware of who is coming to your home, whether it is the neighbor's dog or people with bad intentions.

By buying a smart house, you will have a new system of prevention against burglary by sound triggers or in the form of a message or by the installation of cameras. In order to ensure the safety of all, it has also become possible to control smoke detectors remotely and to add flood detectors. Thus, you will be protected against burglary but also against the greatest risks such as flooding.

Save on Heating Costs

Indeed, with this new technology, you will be able to program your district heating system and turn it on whenever you want. Thus, you don't need your heating to stay on continuously. You can turn it on only when it has a real use and turn it off when its use is null and void. This is a huge advantage in terms of energy savings and therefore your costs. The regulation of the heating contributes to this reduction of costs and at the same time, be respectful of the planet.

Having a Comfortable Home That Requires Little Maintenance

real smart house

Living in a smart connected home is living in a comfortable home that requires you to worry about very little, just enter the desired functions once and the rest will take care of itself. So, you can open the roller shutters at the times you decide and close them alone, without your intervention, at the times you also determine beforehand.

Moreover, this technology is constantly improving with the possibility of having detectors that are able to detect the sun's path. The principle is simple, the detector only triggers the opening and closing of the shutters according to the position of the sun that it has analyzed. Only new technologies that make life easier for everyone.

In this article, we've introduced you to why smart home is a revolution in the concept of the home, transforming it from a passive place that requires our constant attention to an active element that can make life easier. How will these technologies evolve and how will this influence the way we perceive them? Only the future will tell us!

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