Why You Can Use Reclaimed Wood to Add History and Personality to Your Home, and Where to Find It

What Is Reclaimed Wood

People go to great lengths to find reclaimed wood that would stylistically highlight themselves and their homes.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

What is reclaimed wood and how to use it? Reclaimed wood is old wood that has been recycled. For example, it can be old materials from industrial production that are converted into a wardrobe, bedside table, kitchen chair or even factories, retired ships, stock farms, stock farms, warehouses, wine casts, and salvage barn wood. And do you imagine exactly what is Barnwood? 

Pay Attention!

Do not confuse reclaimed wood with salvaged wood that has been cut and stored for several years, but has not been used for any construction work.

History of Reclaimed Wood

History of Reclaimed Wood

Centuries-old, modern recycled timber originated at a time when timber was plentiful in both North America and Europe and was used as the main building material.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, sawmills have often been the center of many cities, providing jobs for the population and an abundant supply of timber.

Most of the recycled flooring and wall panels you see in homes, offices, bars, and restaurants come from factories, warehouses, factories, and railways in the United States and France, as well as the industrial north of England.

In recent years, we have learned to protect our world, and there is less wood for construction, so we turned to the ecological equivalent of newly harvested wood - repurposed wood.

Reclaimed wood is a stylish and popular choice for decorating commercial spaces and modern homes.

Wood over 100 years old is especially suitable for high traffic areas because of its dense texture, which makes it strong and durable.

Suitable Wood Species

How to reclaim wood? Any wood species can be recycled, but the most common are Douglas fir, mahogany, and oak.

A rare refurbished wood is long-leaved pine, which can take up to 500 years to mature, as opposed to the more common yellow pine, which takes only 50 years.

In the past, long-leaved pine has produced huge trees, that is, long and sturdy planks that were the backbone of the US woodworking industry hundreds of years ago.

However, today only 2% of its original cultivated area in the United States is covered by this species, up from 41% in the 1800s. The loss is enormous and shows why the use of recycled wood and old lumber is so important.

Oak is a popular choice for reclaimed timber and floors in particular due to its versatility in terms of finishes and colors. Most of our reclaimed oak floors come from oak used for old buildings throughout Europe.

Why Use Recycled Wood?

Why Use Recycled Wood?

In addition to its beautiful rustic character, reclaimed timber gives any building, modern or traditional, commercial or private, its environmental benefits clear.

The environmental impact of massive afforestation around the world has raised our awareness of how using recycled wood can help protect our future.

Combined with this social responsibility, there is a desire for the authenticity of reclaimed wood that tells a story and has its own story. Your kitchen floor, for example, may have once been the walls of a historic building or repurposed barn wood.

Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Wood

  • It is environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood is not grown on farms, which often only grow fast-growing trees that do not support the ecosystem. Yes, this is a tree that was felled, but at least he has a different life in his house.
  • Age and character. Old used wood probably grew in a natural environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, which made the wood strong and durable. Aging also emphasizes the color of the wood.
  • The unique history of the wood.

Important Qualities for Recycled Wood

Important Qualities for Recycled Wood

There are different types of reclaimed timber, all from different time periods and origins. When choosing reclaimed timber, it is important to consider the following:

Wood - infestation, chemical contamination, and durability are all factors to consider.

Quantity - when ordering reclaimed timber, be sure to check the amount of timber available on the date of delivery. As the wood is recycled, the batch ordered for the project may not be enough. Another shipment will contain different wood.

The age of reclaimed wood can range from 1 to over 400 years. The specification is important - where it is from and how old it is.

Using Reclaimed Wood

How to use reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood is used in both residential and commercial projects. It can be used for both interiors and exteriors, as flooring, furniture or cladding.

Purchase of Reclaimed Wood

Where to find salvaged lumber? Such wood is sourced from all over the world, but mainly from the UK, USA, and Western Europe. Mostly oak and pine are transported, although other species are sometimes found.

Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood?

Where to find reclaimed wood? Use local shops or national dealers to search. They can be found in the telephone directory or by searching the Internet on request.

But be careful. There are people who are trying to make quick money selling broken timber. So, now you know where to find salvaged wood but be suspicious of dealers who do not provide warranties for their products, whose prices are unrealistic compared to other offerings, and who lack professionalism - for example, poor documentation or incorrect billing. Do you know, is reclaimed wood cheaper?

The Cost of Reclaimed Wood

Why is reclaimed wood so expensive? Buying recycled timber is sometimes cheaper compared to the rising cost of new timber. Depending on what kind of wood you are going to buy, you will spend between $5 and $20 per square foot. Mahogany, for example, costs just under $9 per square foot. Now you will answer the question: is reclaimed wood expensive differently?

Reclaimed Wood Care

As with any new wood flooring, reclaimed wood will perform and look its best when properly cared for.

Wood trim, indoor accessibility, and level of use are the few things that will determine the care and maintenance program.

Proper care is essential and will help keep your floors looking great for decades to come.

We think that despite the specific reason we chose to use reclaimed wood, we all tend to love trees. They are all around us, and the tree is a huge part of our life, our homes and our history. Adding reclaimed wood to your home creates a rustic look that connects your living space almost seamlessly with the natural world and the past. It also brings a sense of character and a unique story to your space through the use of beautiful wood textures.

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