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preppy decorating

Decorating an interior can completely transform a room. Competently selected decor helps to give the housing a special charm and style, to emphasize the character and interests of the owners. Decorating itself is an affordable, quick and troublesome way to "refresh" an existing interior. It is also an important final step in any renovation. After all, it is the accessories that give the home the finishing touch and allow you to create a unique atmosphere. What is preppy home decor? And how to choose the right preppy home decor?

What Is Preppy Home Decor?

The preppy decor is a way of life for the person himself. This is reflected in country clubs and social well-being, family traditions, and a noble approach to work and play. This neat decor is not so much snobbish as an optimistic mood that exudes confidence.

Preppy Interiors

preppy room decor

The style of preppy interior design is more of a sensation than anything else. It is built on a substantial base of traditional style, modified to evoke the sense of sophistication found in country homes and social events. The preppy style decor uses vibrant colors against a traditional backdrop of neutral browns and whites that exude confidence. Like the modern farmhouse, the preppy style is often set against white and other neutrals but prefers bolder color accents than is commonly used in a modern home.

Preppy furniture is made from traditional and time-tested materials. Think club chairs, sofas (especially leather), and bamboo.

The elegant preppy room decor includes original parquet floors, which are usually covered with antique oriental carpets. Fake oriental rugs are indecent If you do not have family rugs, leave the floors bare or cover them with inexpensive sisal or wool rugs with hooks. Wall-to-wall carpeting is NOT neat.

This style house is filled with original art and antiques. If it was not passed on from family members, antiques are suitable in the decor, slowly collecting decor items from all available places.

If you have never heard anything about design in this style before, let's determine if this style is right for you in your home preppy decorating?

So, This Style Suits You If:

  1. Pink and green is your favorite color combination.
  2. Other favorite combinations include ... polka dots and paisley.
  3. Your couch is not complete without a ridiculous pillow.
  4. You love the tropical decor - no matter how close you are to the beach.
  5. Topiary grows in your house inside and outside.
  6. Of course, you absolutely adore your dog.
  7. And you love dog decor too!
  8. Stripes are always yes!
  9. The headboards of your bed are covered with fabric.
  10. You love framed pictures, but nothing beats a picture of your family.
  11. Monograms just make things better.

Do you recognize yourself? If you find yourself in most of these items, preppy houses decorations are definitely for you!

Now we offer you a number of features and tips for real preppy space decoration:

DIY Preppy Interior Design

preppy home

Blending patterns is a great way to save your budget. Upholster your kitchen stools and ottomans with easily available neutral checked fabrics and spend more on matching throw pillow fabric. Make sure you keep an eye on the scale of your patterns, as a large diaper will reduce already small spaces, and small patterns are lost in large rooms.

Another super-affordable patterned element is the traditional embroidered pillow. Look for these at antique stores and garage sales, or ask your grandmother if she has something similar.

Curtains are another very easy way to decorate your room with a preppy pattern. Look for plaid, checkered, or striped fabrics. If you have high ceilings, curtains can be difficult to find, but you can solve this problem with a super-easy way to extend the curtains with one seam in a straight line.

The preppy home design harmoniously combines patterns. Plaid is a traditional preppy style, but not the only one. Stripes, scalloped fangs, herringbone, and plaid blend together to create a carefully selected look that won't be stuffy. Create a cozy mix of deep-colored rugs and navy stripes, or decorate a room with patterns in vibrant colors such as bright green and white.

Features of Preppy Design

preppy houses

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes…

Stripes may be a little hot trend right now, but they are also timeless classics, no matter what the trend is.

Refined Prepster

Plaid curtains go well with traditional sofa stripes. The pale yellow armchair is a light touch of bold color.

Elegant - Pink and Green

When we think of elegant, pink and green almost always come to mind. Bold green wallpaper and pink sofa cushions moderately infuse this room with a preppy vibe.

Classic Preppy Details

The fastest way to add a little preppy to your style is definitely with a bit of trim. You can add white piping to the chairs and black lattice trim to the window shades.


Painted blue walls topped with light rims. The rug in red, white, and blue stripes is the hit of the American preppy style. The palette of white furniture serves as the perfect backdrop for pop-style cushions.

Color Matters

What's the key difference between traditional and preppy decorating style? Bold color! Choosing red frames for classic prints and bright blue stripes for an antique-style chair, designer Toby Fairley throws boredom right out of the window. Contrasting white and turquoise consoles and black and white stripe carpet complete the work.

Preppy and Glamor

Lattice wallpaper and black trim on the headboard accentuate the modern preppy room ideas, while gold fabric and black and white graphic accents bring true Hollywood glamour. This is the perfect combination.

Male Preppy Style

There are so many masculine patterns out there that can be considered elegant (houndstooth, herringbone and tartan are just a few of them), but mixing a good old blanket with a monogram really can't help but please.

For the smallest preppy interiors lovers

The kids' room is the perfect place to make it fun. Bold colors and thick stripes in the room are the perfect inspiration for your boy or girl.

Not Quite Sophisticated Preppy

Ready to combine all these gorgeous preppy elements into one? Use all of them, and you will end up with something unexpected. Trim on the bedding, bold wallpaper on the ceiling, and bold color paint on the walls, all balanced by the obligatory white, can all create a powerful preppy style in your room.

In my opinion, there is something classic about a neat style that is comfortable for humans. It inspires and awakens the desire to enjoy the exquisite things in life - and what is the most important if not this?

The preppy style is a love of stripes and tradition with a touch of fun, playful but not gaudy. It reminds us of family traditions, good manners, and tea-drinking every day. When you modernize your preppy style, you create a fresh and traditional home that never gets boring.

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