What Is Glamorous Style?

glamour decorating ideas

Nothing embodies glamor style better than 60s Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. She made a striking entrance into people's minds for her sensual and voluptuous allure that she knew how to use with elegance. So while glamor does not represent a designer interior style, it does represent a philosophy of life. Philosophy of hedonistic life in search of the luxury and the inevitable charm that can be found in what is kitsch. The glamor is the one who will know how to dare while maintaining an unclassifiable class. That's the right touch of sexy it takes to be sultry without falling into vulgarity. It's the right touch of elegance without looking stuck. In this article, we will present you with all the accessories to integrate into your interior design to embody the glamor styles with luxury, calm, and pleasure.

Glamour styles are therefore not recognized for the moment as a style in their own right but more as a note to add to your interior design. In the rest of this article, you will discover different elements inspired by the glamorous style of the 60s, enough to make your interior a real pop and elegant. From the candlestick to the fur to the paintings, discover all the most glamour decorating ideas that are easy to integrate into your home.


glam decorating ideas

One of the main things to add a touch of elegance and glam interior design is to have light. So, opt for materials that allow the reflection of light inside the rooms. It is also recommended to illuminate the rooms with rather subdued lights for a sensual and daring atmosphere.

Nothing represents elegance, luxury, and daring better than a chandelier. To truly embody the glamorous home decor, you can hang crystal chandeliers. Indeed, although the traditional chandelier is made of fine gold, it more embodies a classic baroque style. On the other hand, crystal is sufficiently refined and daring for a glam style. One of the models well known for its bohemian allure, the balloon chandelier with pendants. This inverted hot-air balloon shape will add all the pleasure of glamorous style.


Indeed, fur was all the rage in the 1960s and is making a comeback today. You can easily use it in different variations such as a leopard print fabric for one of your sofas. Animal skin rugs, whether originals or copies, represent glam decorating ideas. Their wild and elegant side will give your home the real glamor of the late 60s. Similarly, you can simply add fur blankets on your sofas or on your beds, enough to dress up your interior. If you want to exaggerate the whimsical side of glamor, you can even find a sheer for leopard print curtains for a unique glam home decor.

The Paintings

Paintings are also a way to add are some glamor decorating ideas. If you really want the iconic image of glamor, you could, for example, install a replica of Andy Warhol whose many of his works dealt with the glamor and idealization of pop culture figures. You can also use painted papers for your walls with elegant floral patterns such as various popular styles from the 60s.


glam home decor

A final element to add some notes of glamor in your interior decoration is thanks to the marble. Indeed, this one represents elegance and its association with fur will associate the wild side with elegance. The best is to use it for furniture such as having a marble table with legs in golden colors. You can also use it as an accessory, for example with marble sculptures or even a clock.

The Mirror

Last but not least, the mirror is one of the most glamorous elements. Much like the narcissus of the 60s and the fury for unusual appearances, the mirror is probably the most glamorous accessory. This one recalls the elegance and virtuosity of the pop stars as well as their fascination of the time. This accessory will allow you to add light and elegance to your interior. You can find it framed with moldings for example. You can opt for a golden frame to bring out your glamorous and daring side.

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