What Is Friluftsliv and Why Is It Popular? Discover the Latest Interior Design Trend

What Is Friluftsliv

We’re all familiar with the concept of doing cozier and comfier our staying at home, which became popular after Covid-19 and self-isolation came to a realization. And now, as the pandemic is continuing a new friluftsliv concept appeared.

The idea of such an experience belongs to the sisters from Norway and promotes outdoor life no matter what season is. the concept literally means living in open-air and spending time in fresh air and nature with loved ones.

Friluftsliv Interior Design Trend

And when you search the Instagram hashtag, you will see 1.2 million posts where various families and friends do camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and other activities together.

As for the interior design, friluftsliv proposes to bring outdoor life into the indoor spaces. It is said that introducing natural elements in our houses will influence our physical and emotional well-being. As a result, we stay connected with nature even when we are not outside. In addition, this helps reduce stress.

furniture for frilustliv interior

Such items as wall art with texture, indoor plants, and other organic materials have calming effects, as well as promote mindfulness and decrease mental fatigue. According to the designers, other natural elements of decorations can be artwork, candles, and furnishings made from natural materials in earth tones.

You can also try to place your furniture near the windows, and a view outside will formulate a therapeutic connection for you. What's more, you may add floral wallpaper to your bathroom to create an association with time spent outdoors.

Friluftsliv open-air spaces

Friluftsliv can be used in your open-air spaces too. Buy tables, heaters, blankets, and slippers and you will see that you can still enjoy the winter while being outdoors.

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