What Is a Panel Bed and Platform Bed?

what is a panel bed and platform bed

Have you ever wondered what is the most important thing to consider when furnishing your home? The answer to this question is probably the bed. The bed seems to be a design element like any other, but it's not! It's probably where you'll spend most of your time.

On average, we get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, not including the time when we go to bed to read a book, watch a movie or just hang out on Sunday mornings. The article will mainly focus on the difference between a panel bed and a platform bed. You will discover everything from advantages to design to choose between a platform or panel bed.

The story of the bed was invented by the Egyptians more precisely Tutankhamun. At the time, the bed was a symbolic element that sat next to the deceased. The Egyptians believed that the bed would help the deceased on his journey to reach the afterlife. It, therefore, had no practical function.

Subsequently, in Ancient Greece, the bed was transformed into a place of debauchery where it was used to eat, drink, and enjoy the pleasures of life accompanied by guests. It was only in the 19th century that the bed became an essential element of comfort and privacy more precisely due to the arrival of the mattress in the 1940s. Today, the two most used and valued types of beds are panels and platform beds. One of the main differences between the panel and the platform bed is that the platform bed came out later.

Platform Bed vs Panel Bed

platform or panel bed

The main difference between panel vs platform bed is that the platform bed does not require a box spring. Thus, the panel bed is one we think of when we talk about a so-called classic bed. It is made using an empty bed frame in the middle of which a box spring is placed. It's usually tall enough that you can sit on it without straining.

On the contrary, the platform bed is a rectangle with no empty space inside. Thus, the mattress rests directly on the material of which the frame is made and doesn’t require a box spring. The platform bed is often close to the ground which gives more space to the rooms. Now that you know the main difference between the bed's panel and platform, we are going to go deeper into what are they good for and some design inspirations.

What Is a Platform Bed Good For?

what is a panel bed definition

If you are wondering do platform beds need a box spring, the answer is no and that is one of his advantages. Thanks to this, platform bed have a low economic cost as it saves the purchase of a box spring. To promote comfort, you can think about investing a little more in a good mattress, for example, a memory mattress will be ideal for this type of bed. In addition, the platform bed is often very solid, which gives the memory mattress the support it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

One of the advantages of the platform bed is that you can integrate storage spaces within the bed. This makes it possible to create new innovative spaces in smaller rooms for example. This is due to the fact that it is low, the platform bed also has the advantage of giving an optical effect which makes the room appear more spacious compared to the panel bed.

Design Inspiration for Platform Bed

difference between panel bed and platform bed

When it comes to interior decoration, the platform bed is becoming more and more recognized because it allows it to be more fanciful than the panel bed. From modern, contemporary, or even Asian style, there are many ways to various designs.

Its down-to-earth and raw side attracts contemporary designers. If you want a more minimalist interior style, you can think of forming your concrete platform bed as an integral part of the floor. This will allow you to choose the size and design of your platform bed yourself to boost your creativity. In addition, you will have the chance to have a unique bed that will suit you perfectly.

If you rather want to go with an interior style inspired by Asian traditions, we recommend that you take an interest in Japanese platform beds. Indeed, platform beds are very famous in Japanese culture for their harmony and simplicity. We recommend that you use a rather dark solid wood design instead for a zen atmosphere that fascinates with its sober architecture.

What Is a Panel Bed Good For?

what is a panel bed vs platform

As described earlier in this article, the panel bed definition is a frame bed that can support both the mattress and its box spring. The frame of the panel can be found in different materials such as wood, iron. One of the main advantages of panel beds is their height. Indeed, it is at an easy access height and does not require any effort to rest on it.

This is perfect for people who have back problems or are heading into older age. The fact that this bed has a box spring helps increase the longevity and quality of the mattress. This distributes your body weight more on your mattress, preventing it from sagging in places that support your weight.

Design Inspiration for the Panel Bed

panel vs platform bed

Now that we've introduced you to what is a panel bed definition, we can go into the interior design aspect of it. When it comes to panel bed designs, you can find all kinds of them on the market. If you are looking for a simple and pragmatic bed, you can go for a soberer style with a simple frame in wood or metal for example.

For a more bohemian inspiration, we let you take a look at some four-poster panel bed from which you can hang, for example, Indian fabrics in themselves or in linen that you never want to leave your bed in the morning. In any case, opt for a decoration that you know how to make your dream because this is where you will spend a lot of time there.

In this article, we have given you all the information to distinguish what is a panel bed vs a platform. With this knowledge, you can now find out which of these beds is best for you to dream of in peace.

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