What Is a Mediterranean Style Home?

mediterranean home design ideas

Who has never dreamt of being able to enjoy the warm atmosphere that borders the Mediterranean archipelago on a daily basis? If you fell in love with the authentic Mediterranean style house from the movie “call me by your name” you’ll discover every tip about it in this article.

We will give you the best advice for bringing back Southern-friendly elegance to your home. From the architecture to the layout of the garden to its interior design, you will discover everything you need to know for a home perfectly combining conviviality and Mediterranean elegance. You’ll finally discover all the secret tips for Mediterranean home decorating.

A Mediterranean Architecture

The first important aspect of Mediterranean house style characteristics it’s their distinctive architecture. The exterior architecture of Mediterranean houses is generally made up of stones aesthetically stacked on top of each other. These stone constructions keep the interior temperature cool so that you can relax during the intense summer heat in regions with Mediterranean climates. Moreover, these Mediterranean-style homes have the characteristic of a rustic elegance appreciated in these regions and that you can easily integrate into your exterior design.

A second architectural tip to make your house true heaven of peace characterizing perfectly these southern regions would be to integrate doors with high arches. This high arch construction technique is an essential element to bring into your home the beauty and aesthetic of the Mediterranean style. Don’t be shy to add also a cut marble stone with the name of your house on top to accentuate the arched architecture of your entrance. This will also help the new host to easily discover where your place is.

We also recommend adding tall windows or even bay windows it’s feasible for you. Indeed, nothing is more Mediterranean modern houses than lightning and a fresh airy interior.

To conclude on the architectural Mediterranean inspiration, we recommend that you favor rounded and convex lines in which highlight a graceful and welcoming architectural atmosphere. By bringing these specific shapes into your house architecture, you’ll have a true Mediterranean style house design.

A Garden with Mediterranean Beauty

mediterranean style house design

The gardens are often considered the heart of the Mediterranean home. Indeed, the southern regions are often so hot that we spend the majority of our time lounging there. Particularly in many literary works, the Mediterranean gardens are described there as a real place of romance and the discovery of first loves. in this paragraph, we will describe to you what are the secrets for a successful Mediterranean garden.

To make your gardens a unique place to savor your Mediterranean evenings, we advise you to plant olive trees for elegance, eucalyptus, and lemons for sweet scents like the Mediterranean air. Ivy is also a plant often characteristic of the decorations of the regions of the South. It allows you to refresh the interior of your home but also to bring an authentic facade decoration.

If you are missing a touch of freshness, we recommend that you add a baroque-style fountain that is much-admired stone finesse. These are usually built in the middle of the garden’s patio surrounded by a comfortable chair to enjoy your family time.

Another Mediterranean style decorating ideas would be to add Roman statues on columns of different heights to decorate your gardens. This will make your garden an original place in which you will like to take a walk. Taking inspiration from Mediterranean gardens, you can enjoy an Italian dolce vita atmosphere all year round.

The Mediterranean Homes Designs

mediterranean house style characteristics

In the rest of this text, you will discover how to succeed in Mediterranean house decorating. Our first Mediterranean home design idea would be to enhance the heights and spaces of your rooms. It’s true that when it comes to interior design, nothing beats high ceilings to maintain all the beauty, elegance, and delicacy of the Mediterranean atmosphere.

You can also add flourish moldings for the artistic and harmonious side of your interior. Usually, the floors of Mediterranean style homes are made of large marble slabs to maintain interior freshness on hot summer days. You can also integrate an antique-style home library, for which you can find inspiration on our blog. To continue with a warm style, we advise you to illuminate your rooms with chandeliers with dim lights. If you think a little decorative touch is missing, feel free to add some traditional Moroccan carpet that is often very admired for its authentic colors.

In this article, we have given you all the tips to bring home an atmosphere as elegant and warm as that so popular in southern countries. All our advice will help you to decorate your house with the authenticity of Mediterranean homes decor. From architecture to your interior decoration, the Mediterranean style will dress your home to make it an authentic and unique place.

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