What Is a Jute Rug?

jute rug material

If you are looking for an accessory to add a decorative touch to your interior design, nothing beats the use of rugs. Indeed, the rugs allow adding a look and a warm atmosphere to the species of interior living while adding a distinguished aesthetic. The invention of the rug dates back to clothing. So our floors were dressed at the same time as us human beings. However, nowadays it is more and more difficult to find natural rugs, with the invasion of synthetic materials in the decoration market. In this article, we will introduce you to jute rug material and its use as a rug. We will present you with different inspirations of natural jute rugs to decorate your floors in an authentic and artisanal way.

How to Make a Jute Rug?

Jute is a bast plant that strongly resembles willow in appearance. If you were wondering if are jute rugs durable, the answer is yes in the sense that this material comes from plants. In order to ensure that your carpet will be truly eco-sustainable, however, it is essential to find a designer interior company whose production respects the use of the planet's resources. Jute is therefore considered to be environmentally friendly. It is dense and strong which is why it is also used to make bags or even ropes. Jute is grown mainly in Asia but also in South America such as Brazil for example. The use of woven jute rugs is often recommended for people with allergies.

Once the fiber is extracted from the trunk of the plant, it is braided in different meshes to make a carpet. Coming from a natural material, it is normal to wonder, is a jute rug soft? The answer obviously depends on the braiding of the carpet in question. But it is obvious that rug rugs will not have the softness of a cotton rug for example. Heavy knits can soften it though. Rug rugs provide a very artisanal feel which also allows you to reconnect with the earth. In the rest of the article, we will show you what type of rug will best suit the different rooms of your apartment such as the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room.

Jute Rug in Kitchen

are jute rugs durable

Now that you have discovered more about how to produce jute rugs and where they come from, you will discover different inspirations depending on the rooms in your home. The advantage of installing a jute rug in your kitchen comes mainly from its ease of maintenance. Indeed, jute being a natural fiber does not deteriorate in contact with water. This is therefore an element favorable to its presence on the floors of your kitchens, having a high risk of contact with water. In case of stains, all you need to do is moisten a cloth with hot water and rub vigorously on the spot in question.

Since the kitchen is a place with a lot of traffic and comings and goings, it is important to have jute rug shedding that can stay on the floor and prevent jamming. It also helps prevent dust from spreading throughout the room, especially in the kitchen. When it comes to designs, we recommend long rectangles that run the length of your kitchen, which allows for longer spaces.

Jute Rug Bedroom

is a jute rug soft

The advantage of having a jute rug in your bedroom is mainly it’s down to earth color. Indeed, it is easily combined with different tones and allows to link the panels of colors present in the room. So, if one day you want to redecorate your room, your jute rug will always know how to take its place. In addition, the earthy colors of the jute carpet go particularly well with the relaxing and soothing atmospheres you want in a bedroom. In addition, you can either go with a very sober and simplistic model according to your desires or opt for a more eccentric model, for example with braided patterns.

The only disadvantage of the rug is that it attracts more dust than other materials like cotton for example. So, if you are facing allergies or breathing difficulties such as asthma, consider adding a jute rug shedding to limit the excessive spread of dust.

Jute Rug Bedroom

jute rug in kitchen

When it comes to your living room, nothing will be more original than adding a patterned jute rug. Indeed, it exists with any type of repeating pattern generally inspired by geographic shapes. This can easily dress up your room by combining in a refined and authentic way geometric minimalism with rustic material. In addition, consider favoring a jute rug with a border to avoid folds or jamming. In order to soften the living room, which is generally one of the main rooms where you spend time, we advise you to opt for a larger mesh that will bring a cozy atmosphere.

You can also vary the shapes depending on the mood you want to add. For example, to go for something more minimalist, we recommend a rectangle or square whose proportions line up with your industrial-looking coffee table. On the contrary, for a more bohemian atmosphere, you can let yourself dream with more oval and rounded shapes. It will also give a warmer atmosphere that you can accentuate with rug pots or plants suspended from the ceiling for example. It is also possible to dare to mix a little more for an original living room with a designer look with a rug combining jute and cotton. For example, the cotton base can be in terracotta color braided above with jute to provide patterns.

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