What Is a Futon Bed?

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Japan has always known how to preserve the uniqueness and immensity of its culture that covers the country. This country knowing how to join traditions in an authentic and elegant way with a taste for modernity fascinates all around the globe for its originality. Although the Japanese values ​​of respect and integration allow the discovery of foreign cultural practices, the country has always known how to leave its own culture at the heart of mores. Nothing is more revealing for opening up to a new culture than discovering the habitats and the local customs that take place there. In the rest of this article, we, therefore, invite you to explore the elegance and beauty and restrained elegance of Japan through the futon define. What is a futon? You will discover everything there is to know about futons, including their comfort, meaning, and design.

What Does Futon Mean?

The term futon refers to a type of bed popular in Japanese tradition that sits on top of the Japanese flooring known as tatamis mats. They are recognized for their minimalist simplicity as well as for their practicality and due to the increased globalization of our world, they are exported more and more to foreign countries.

Although the futon is completely attached to Japanese culture, these were originally from China and India until being imported to Japan. At first, they were made mostly of straw. As early as the 15th century, the use of cotton became a means of comfort and longevity of this traditional bed.

What Are Futons Made Of?

what does a futon look like

If you are wondering, what does a futon look like, it will certainly be easier for you to imagine it by discovering the different compartments that make it up. Indeed, three elements are essential for a futon: makura, kakebuton, and shikibuton.

The shikibuton forms the foundation of these traditional Japanese beds. Unlike the European bed, there is no frame or even a box spring for the futons. So the very foundation of the bed is a mattress that can be between 5 and 15 cm thick. It is made from a layer of cotton which allows the absorption of moisture from the air and extends the life of the mattress. In addition, it is covered with a protective sheet and is placed not directly on the ground but on Japanese tatami mats.

The kakebuton which means "futon top" is the cotton duvet that sits on the futon and allows you to warm up during the night. They are also made of cotton, a material renowned for keeping warm.

As for the makura, it describes the traditional Japanese cushions generally made of seeds and recognized for comfort enough to plunge into a deep sleep.

How Comfortable Are Futons?

It is known that futons have the virtues of alleviating back pain and adapt easily to any type of body type. The tatami mats placed under the shikibuton give flexibility to the floor and allow an adequate posture of the body when sleeping. In addition, the futon provides comfort during sleep but also the comfort of life and interior space. Indeed, due to the thinness of its mattress, futons are generally rolled up for the day and stored in a closet to leave room in Japanese apartments that are often minimalist and not very spacious.

What Is a Futon Couch?

what is a futon bed

The futon couch is a reappropriation of the Japanese bed in the interior design industry. He thus transposes the shikibuton to sleep which can both be folded into a sofa or unfolded as a bed. It is practical because it takes up little space and is ideal for welcoming guests.

In this article, you have been able to discover the minimalist and refined comfort of traditional Japanese beds in the image of the culture of the pas. The futon thus represents a symbol of Japanese tradition, perfectly combining sleep comfort with living comfort, enough to have a Fen Shui interior design.

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