What Is a Foyer in a House? Features and Tips for Creating the Perfect Foyer in Your Home

What Is a Foyer in a House

The entry room shows guests your tastes, gives them the first impression of your home and lets them know how passionate you are about interior design. In addition, it is also the place that "greets" you every time you come home. But what is the entrance to a house called? You might have guessed that this is the foyer.

The foyer should be practical and connect different parts of your home. This is why it is probably a good idea to put some seating furniture, a mirror and a small table for keys, and other things that should always be at hand. So we find out what is a foyer and bring you foyer room design ideas that can provide you with inspiration for your own home.

What Is a Foyer?

What Is a Foyer?

Let's clarify how to define the foyer. (from the French foyer - "common entrance", also Hall from the English hall - "hall") - a room, mainly in a public building. What is a grand foyer? It is a foyer of a residential building which is usually a small entrance room or a room at the front door. From the foyer, one usually makes the entrance to other common rooms, such as the living room, dining room, toilet. Typically, the lobby provides direct access to the main staircase. The foyer was originally conceived as a vestibule separating the heated rooms from the front and was usually used to store outerwear.

What is a foyer in a house? Usually, the foyer is a large, specially designed hall, but sometimes it is a corridor that surrounds the main hall. It is furnished and made spacious enough for spectators to stroll around, get together and relax. The lobby is usually decorated with works of art, permanent or temporary exhibitions related to the activities of the institution are arranged in it. The foyer can also have lounges or a buffet.What Is a Foyer?

Foyer Decorating Tips

Foyer Decorating Tips

Foyers are usually spacious, so there is ample space for furniture and accessories. This means that you will have to make difficult choices when designing this space. Decide what the main function of the room will be, take into account your lifestyle and decide what style should be.

How to decorate a foyer in a home? Regardless of the shape and size of your apartment foyer, there are many ways to reshape this space and create a great first impression in your home. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can still transform the foyer to be lighter and airier. We always recommend adding some flashy pieces to the foyer that will personalize the space and make a great first impression when someone walks into your home.

Apart from the larger components of foyer designs for apartments, you should also think about the mood and color of the room. Most foyers look better with light and vibrant colors, making space appear more spacious, even if it is a small foyer.

We always recommend adding enough storage space in the foyer designs for homes. There is nothing worse than walking into space and finding shoes, coats, and bags all over the floor. A few simple clothespins will do the trick, and a bench or small cabinet can be added to store your shoes.

The hallway table is ideal for storing small items such as keys. It can also be a decorating spot where you can add family photos, flowers, or decorations to welcome guests into your home. Finally, a place or two is always close at hand in your foyer space, whether it's to put on your shoes or give the visitor a place to relax. While some homes have large foyers, following some of the styles below will maximize the space available to you and wow any guest who walks into your home. What Is A Foyer And How You Can Decorate It

Top Ideas for Your Ideal Foyer Design

Top Ideas for Your Ideal Foyer Design

If you have no idea how to decorate a large foyer, we can suggest you follow these recommendations:


You can take a bold wallpaper idea and apply it to any size foyer. Bright walls are well suited for this corner of the house and foyer door, the main thing is not to overload them with accessories and furniture. It doesn't matter which color you choose, it is best to dilute it with something neutral, such as white or black.

You can decorate the walls with a simple mirror paired with a small table or armchair, above which there are photographs in simple frames.

Add a rug

Other things you can use to decorate your foyer include a rug or rug, a table, wall art, and decorative accessories such as vases. When choosing a rug, consider something with a pattern. Stripes are a good option. They are simple and attract guests to the house.



This foyer decoration fits perfectly in any space and does not overwhelm it. In addition, under the bench, you can equip a shelf for shoes, then the hallway will always be neat.

In a home with children, briefcases or toys can be stored there. The color scheme can be any - both bright and pastel colors.


The mirror not only decorates the house foyer, but also adds light to it and visually expands the space. So large stylish mirrors are perfect for a small room.

Moreover, a large-scale accessory will be appropriate in a spacious hallway. The option without a frame is suitable for those who strive for modernity, and the carved frame will add a little femininity.


If you want the place to look luxurious and bright, then a chandelier will be the best assistant. Emphasis should be placed on lighting and minimizing other accessories, then guests will immediately get into the house, where it is beautiful, light, and clean.

Place the Table in the Foyer

What is a foyer table? This is not just your usual big table. You can also add a console table or even a round table. It can be placed in a corner or against a wall. Decorate the table with a vase or candles and other decor items that you find appealing and appropriate for the space.

Soft Corner or Comfortable Armchair

Soft Corner or Comfortable Armchair

For your convenience and to create coziness, you can think of one or more foyer seating area ideas in the form of an armchair or a small sofa. It can be not only practical but also very aesthetic.


This is the easiest way to update the look of any room. Flowers in vases always look hospitable and do not require much attention and care. For the foyer, simple vases are best suited, but the choice of colors is yours.

Elegant tulips, luxurious peonies, or traditional roses - it all depends on who you are waiting for and for what reason.

Storage Space

First of all, the foyer needs storage rooms. Take into account everything that needs to be stored there, like coats, hats, bags, shoes, accessories, etc., and find ways to accommodate all of these things without wasting floor space.

Selection of Lighting

Don't forget about lighting in a modern entrance foyer design. If the lobby has high ceilings, you can hang a chandelier or pendant lamp. The sconce can also be attached to walls in key locations, such as next to a mirror.


If you have a large and spacious foyer in a house, consider adding a large plant to your home. Flowers and plants add coziness to your home and can be of any shape and size to suit your space.

Welcome Sign at the Entrance

We love this simple yet dramatic detail in the foyer of the house. The welcome sign as a foyer entry table, like artwork, can be placed in lobbies of any shape or size and will give your guests a reason to smile as they enter your home.

Coat Hooks

If you're out of luck and there is a closet next to the foyer area, you'll need some storage space for clothes and accessories. A simple row of hooks blends well with the foyer, yet adds practicality to any home. There is also a great hidden shoe storage under the bench to help prevent anyone from tripping over their shoes when entering your home.

Unique Collection of Ceramics

Unique Collection of Ceramics

If there's something you've always enjoyed collecting but never knew where to put it in your home, why not add it to your foyer?

If you are having difficulty comparing an Entryway VS Foyer VS Vestibule, now you know exactly all the features of the lobby and can easily distinguish it.

We are confident that now you have enough ideas to decorate your dream hallway and create the right impression of your home right from the start.

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