What Color Should I Paint My House?

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One of the primary questions when building or renovating a home is what color to choose to make it feel good. But even more important is knowing which color to choose for your exterior house colors. The exterior facade is indeed the first impression you will give to your neighbors as well as to the people who will come to visit you.

As already described in the recently posted article on neutral colors, colors are inextricably linked to our emotions and are a fundamental element in making our judgments. Therefore, choosing a color that meets your expectations and desires is one of the most important steps and the importance of which should not be overlooked.

First, it is fundamental to ask yourself what image you would like to give to the outside world of your inner world. Because first impressions generally define the interactions you can develop with others, especially in today's increasingly self-conscious world.

If you want to have a house where community life is overflowing and people feel warmly welcomed, you will choose certain exterior paint colors that will fuel that atmosphere. On the contrary, if you rather want to arrive in a clean, tidy, and minimalist house, the choice of color will be completely different.

In the rest of this article, we will offer you the best exterior house paint colors while associating them with the different atmospheres that they refer to the outside world. In the rest of this article, we will advise you on how to choose exterior paint colors for your house.


colors to paint your house

Gray is the new trendy color that is gradually becoming popular. This color is often used for its minimalist and uncluttered side which mirrors the urban and concrete looks developed by the renowned Franco-Swiss architect; Le Corbusier.

Indeed, this break with tradition and this return to bitumen represented by grey for exterior paint ideas bring a whole new trend, that of contemporary style. By painting your facade in grey, you will convey to the outside world a minimalist and trendy atmosphere whose uniqueness will shine in its sobriety. This is one of the most popular house colors for an elegant and modern design style.

Off-White Color

what color to paint house

The off-white color is one of our outside house color ideas to present yourself to the outside world with a more classic image. White is generally a color that is strongly discouraged from colors to paint your house. Indeed, it is often very messy which requires a lot of maintenance to have a nice exterior facade.

In addition, on brighter days such as summer, it can become dazzling, strongly reflecting the reflections of the sun. On the other hand, the off-white color makes it possible to add color while limiting the dazzling effects of white.

Warm Colors

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For a house that reflects the heat of the countries of the South, we recommend that you go with orange, red, and all colors with a desert feel. You can also take inspiration from the colors of the houses in the city of Trinidad in Cuba, which is one of the most colorful cities in South America.

Enough to return a warm, family atmosphere where you can feel at home and enjoy barbecues between neighbors all summer. Consider also using colors that are more subdued than fluorescent to promote a mature atmosphere. These colors help bring light and cheerfulness to neighborhoods. These are colors that will certainly be more common in countries where it is warmer, in more southerly regions such as Italy, Spain, or Mexico.

Cold Colors

Cold colors to paint your house will be more suitable in regions with more Scandinavian temperatures and close to ports. You can therefore go on oceans blue, green, and even red colors for a reminder of the landscapes of Iceland. These are often colors associated with the nature that surrounds the houses, such as a darker blue close to navy blue or forest green.


Who would have thought that black would be part of the exterior paint color ideas? And yet yes, black is one of the colors to paint your house. It has one of the advantages of being able to increase the natural green of the plants in your garden. If you are a nature lover with a rather arid garden made up of cacti or palm trees, black will be your best color. Not only will it enhance your garden, but it will also bring out your original personality and your taste for modern elegance.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Use Color Panels

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One of the best tips we can recommend for choosing the right exterior house paint is to let go and dare to let your creativity run free. The best way to get out of traditional house exterior colors is to use panels of the same color. This will allow for a deeper and more unique atmosphere.

In addition, by varying your colors in the same tone panel, you will tire of your new facade less quickly. Every nook and cranny of your exterior can have its own uniqueness to bring out all the beauty of design and architecture. For example, if you want to stay on a more contemporary feel, it may be interesting to vary a metallic gray with white and black which will bring out the geometric and sleek aspect of your exterior design.

However, it is important to note that the exterior house paint regulations depend on the areas in which you live. There are strict criteria as well as laws to promote the harmonization of landscapes. If you have found what color to paint the house, it is important to find out about the laws to this effect in your area. For example, if you live near a monument, some of the colors mentioned above may not be accepted for preservation reasons.

In this article, we have presented you with several color choices for your exterior depending on the atmosphere that suits you as well as where you live. You can take the time to think about which color or color mix best matches the image you want to convey to the outside world.

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