The Main Differences: Beach and Coastal Colors in Your Right Interior Style

coastal color palette

The beach-style interior was originally a seaside home design for seasonal living. Now it is a style in the interior that imitates such a house from anywhere in the world with beach color palettes. In turn, the Coastal style is mainly found in places where the waves of the sea wash over the sandy shores, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that penetrates the coastal houses, embodied in their interior design. There is no luxurious decoration in this style, and the houses have a rather modest interior that is not over saturated with decorative elements, since it is created for a relaxing holiday, far from civilization and bustle. And what are coastal colors?

You won't be mistaken if you choose one of the styles for yourself, but still, the designs in such houses differ, and in order to understand more deeply what you want, let's explore the topic further, comparing and investigating the differences.


In both cases, and in that and in the other design, this is rest, freedom, relaxation, silence.

But in the nautical style, there is more spontaneity and youth. The coastal style will appeal to the older generation and mature couples looking for home comfort and a quiet haven.

External Environment

nautical colors

Of course, it can be anything! Because an oasis can be created even in the city center. But in the traditional version it is:

At the beach house- of course, the beach, sea, and nature.

The coastal house has the sea, a quiet promenade, a lighthouse, and a bay.

The Interior Is Perfect for Those Who:

In beach style:

  • loves the sea or summer holidays on the coast and by the beach-inspired,
  • wants to have a relaxed atmosphere at home,
  • prefers natural materials and natural shades with seaside colors,
  • wants to quickly change the home environment without global repairs.

In coastal style:

  • who prefers peace and quiet
  • who loves pastel and calm colors in the interior
  • who appreciates home comfort and family values
  • who wants to live by the sea and enjoy the fresh morning breeze
  • who likes the coastal color palette

Color Scale

coastal colors

Beach style can be conditionally divided into three beach house colors:

  • nautical color scheme - blue, blue, turquoise, azure, aqua, purple,
  • shades of the beach - sand, warm gray, beige, white, cream,
  • shades of marine life - green, coral, light brown.

Choose any option!

Coast style is different from the traditional nautical colors style. There are no bright coastal colors in it, beach house interior paint colors are delicate, moderate, and light. Blue-white-red contrasts of nautical style give way to pastel shades of beige, sand, turquoise, green and blue. For dynamics, you can add several elements in yellow, orange or dark blue.


For beach style:

  • wooden light of simple shapes, massive, aged, "salted" and "weathered",
  • wooden dark ("ship"),
  • wicker made of natural and artificial rattan,
  • soft with fabric covers,
  • soft leather dark brown
  • decorating with sea glass colors is allowed, as well as furniture with a glossy and mirrored surface;

The most characteristic feature of the coastal style was the use of natural materials and many textures:

  • Natural fibers (jute and sisal)
  • Fabrics (linen and cotton)
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Braided material


Beach style offers you a lot of opportunities with nautical paint ideas such as dressers, shelves, cabinets with drawers, poufs, chairs in abundance, or benches with or without backs.

Coastal upholstered furniture is simple, with light monochromatic upholstery or removable covers. Dining chairs are often wooden and white, but chairs with wicker back or seat add a special touch. You can also add a wicker chair to your bedroom or living room to add style, or a light wood or cane rocking chair.


Options for decorating the walls in a beach style:

  • paint,
  • sheathing board (lining),
  • sheathing board (lining) painted,
  • wood panels (on accent walls),
  • wallpaper is plain, striped, or with marine motifs (on accent walls).

Coastal-style walls are also light, often monochromatic, no matter what coating is used: wallpaper, paint, plaster, tile, or wood.


In beach style, you can choose a solid board, parquet board, natural carpet (wool, linen, cotton, jute, sisal), or laminate (imitation of a solid board).

Coastal wood floors are light to medium-medium wood shades.


Beach style allows for low ceilings (as in traditional houses by the sea) and also:

  • white, smooth,
  • painted in a whitewashed shade of the walls,
  • with beams,
  • sheathed with a board,
  • imitating the sky or water.

Coastal ceilings are most often flat white or finished with light wood.


For colorful beach houses are:

  • natural materials (linen, cotton, jute, bamboo, wool),
  • fabric coloring: unpainted / pastel colors / saturated colors,
  • with ethnic motives,
  • depicting marine animals, plants, sailboats,
  • carpets: lint-free,

- curtains: curtains made of fine fabrics (letting in maximum light) / wooden blinds / roman or bamboo roller blinds.

The coastal style is created by the decor. It is important which fabrics you will use for the interior. They should be light, cotton, linen, and translucent. Use light, airy, straight curtains. Choose a color that is whitened, as if faded, in places worn out.

-Use knitted and fabric blankets in light shades. -Decorative pillows (can also be knitted, fabric, linen, embroidered). Mix monochrome and patterned options.

A marine theme is suitable as a pattern: fish, waves, seagulls, shells, starfish, corals, algae, stripes.


colorful beach houses

There are a lot of many features in Cape Cod decorating style:

  • real shells, seashells, starfish, corals, pebbles; various compositions of them,
  • paintings, posters depicting all kinds of fish, seahorses, jellyfish, whales, octopuses, algae, shells,
  • paintings/posters/painting - imitations of windows overlooking the sea,
  • volumetric figures depicting marine life,
  • candlesticks "weathered" by the sea air, jugs,
  • live plants with wide succulent leaves in vases and pots,
  • frames for mirrors made of rope or vine,
  • various items decorated with ropes, ropes,
  • balls of thick coarse twine,
  • oars placed vertically or hung on the wall.

Coastal loves moderate yet themed decor. Use pictures or posters depicting waves, the sea surface, surfers or yachts, arrange nautical decor on shelves and cabinets, use candlestick lanterns for decoration and evening lighting.

Bottles made of light green or turquoise glass, wooden wall decorations with inscriptions or a themed pattern, shells, corals, wicker trays, dishes in shades of coastal style are suitable as decor. Also used are figurines in the form of lighthouses, ships, natural elements: wooden and glass decor items without obvious processing.


Since the beach style is intended for rooms located on the sunny side, with good insolation, there will be fewer lamps. But nevertheless, they must be authentic and appropriate.

The types of the most suitable lamps for the beach interior in shape: round, spherical, bionic (in the form of jellyfish, drops).

For lighting in a house with a coastal style, use:

  • chandeliers of different styles
  • table lamps with colored glass base
  • pendant lamps with brushed metal base, white or wicker lampshades

Choose marine colors: light shades of turquoise, blue, pearl, sand.

Features of Implementation

For both styles:

  • the decor plays a decisive role in creating the image, so these styles don't require large financial investments and cardinal alterations,
  • a wide range of artistic tools allows you to choose an individual option for a specific case,
  • these designer’s decisions go well with other styles in the interior: ethnic, Scandinavian, light classics, eco-style, retro, vintage.
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