Wabi Sabi – Beauty of Imperfection

wabi sabi

This flow of design is a part of philosophy. If you do not accept this specific way of thinking you will not be able to understand this interior.

Wabi sabi has appeared in 15th century as a reaction to excessive decorativeness and artificialness. The main ideas of this philosophy are: nothing is perfect, nothing is eternal, and nothing is completed. Do not try to change the things – just accept them the way they are. Do not try to escape the influence of time – try to enjoy wisdom and experience. Do not try to remove physical imperfections – try to see the internal beauty of the thing, try to understand, what you can love it for.

To create the interior in wabi sabi style you have to follow up few principles

  • Use natural materials – stone, wood, clay, linen. The main requirement – they must be natural.
  • Do not remove the imperfections. Surfaces must be rough, pristine and unprocessed, with holes and notches. Just the way they were created.
  • Let the thing get old in the natural way. If the wood is getting dark and the stone – shabby, try to see this beauty of it. Appreciate the story of this things.
  • No hustle. If the curtains are not ironed, the upholstery loose the color – do not worry unless it is clean and performs its function. Let it exist the way it does.
  • Natural paints. Use the color of sand, ground, wood, clay – this will create the harmony between all the things in the space.

The whole philosophy of wabi sabi is hard to describe – you have to really feel it in order to get the meaning of that. The main thing here is to think the things and processes over, try to understand and accept them and in such a way to get to know yourself better.

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