Vinyl Records Storage in the Interior: Try It and You Will Feel the Difference

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Vinyl record display came into our lives at the end of the 19th century, but today it is not only not outdated, but also experiencing a rebirth. True connoisseurs of music prefer to purchase even new albums of their favorite performers on such media. However, regardless of whether we are talking about modern or rare records, a vinyl storage rack like a vinyl records organizer is necessary. It will help to significantly extend the service life. So read further about modern vinyl storage and ways how to organize vinyl records?

Features of Vinyl Records

vinyl record display

Not everyone sees music as just a pleasant pastime. There are people for whom this process becomes a kind of hobby. They get real pleasure from the procedure itself when the record is printed and installed in the player or used just like vinyl record decorations. Leaving also becomes a kind of ritual.

One of the features is the inability to switch certain tracks. The record will need to be listened to from start to finish, which will help a deeper perception.

Connoisseurs also note excellent sound. The range is broader than that of digital media. This is mainly seen when comparing the sound when listening to a particular composition. In addition, it is noted that the works of the 50-60s sound especially impressive on the records of that time.

At the same time, the main difference between vinyl is the analog sound. Music is presented as a physical recording in the form of a continuous electrical signal. This serves to display the change in sound waves that correspond to the original piece. In simpler terms, the tracks are cut out on a stencil using a special machine.

The record is played for a certain period of time, after which it will need to be changed. This period is approximately 20-25 minutes. This is the main difference from modern CD media, which can play songs continuously. It should also be noted that the playback of a vinyl record can be carried out in various ways. It is possible to customize correctors or other functions that alter the playback. Such moments are originally present in players.

In order to ensure great sounding of tracks from records, you will need to attend to the settings. Failure to do this may result in unexpected problems. However, it must be said that this should be done by a person who understands such players. A number of nuances may arise during setup.

First of all, it is difficult for an untrained user to position the needle correctly. There may also be problems with azimuth or insufficient tracking force setting. You will also need to adjust the rolling force compensation. Only a specialist can figure this out.

Among the features, it is also worth noting the rather high cost of the products. Regular CDs will be significantly cheaper. Therefore, this hobby belongs to the category of expensive ones.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that some elements wear out over time, as a result of which they will need to be replaced, which will also require additional money.

We are talking, for example, about needles, belts, etc. Their timely replacement directly affects the durability of the product.

In order for the records to last longer, they must be stored correctly. Experts recommend doing this at room temperature with a special vinyl stand, vinyl record case or other vinyl record storage furniture.

It is strictly forbidden to place vinyl products near heaters or on a shelf by the fireplace.

In addition, it is recommended to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, even if the exposure is not too long. The fact is that envelopes can burn out rather quickly, and high temperatures can lead to the deformation of the records, which makes listening to the impossible.

As practice shows, many users do not see anything wrong with storing vinyl records in stacks. How to display vinyl records? However, it is noted that this is not worth doing. Most often, products have different thicknesses. It may not even be visually striking, but it is better to store them vertically. This will avoid deformation. In addition, a special holder can be used.

The presence of a special envelope protects vinyl records wall display from dust and dirt. Users note that it is irrational to refuse to use it. At the same time, we must not forget that envelopes are most often made of paper, and it has the ability to absorb moisture. There are improved models covered with polyethylene, their protective properties are much stronger.

Contact with the surface of the plate is undesirable, as it can be scratched. Defects can render it unusable. Therefore, this process should be minimized. You need to take the product with both hands, touching only the outer edge and the label on the central circle.

During playback, you do not need to manually move the stylus to a certain place, as additional scratches appear on the surface. It is better to listen to the disc from the very beginning to the end. Scratches cause noise.

Vinyl Record Storage

vinyl record case

How to Store Vinyl Records?

A separate cabinet, namely a vinyl record storage cabinet or chest of drawers is perfect for vinyl storage. It is best if the vinyl record storage furniture is made of wood. Especially valuable items can be placed in a special frame or on a stand and stand.

The vinyl record containers system assumes that there is an optimal vinyl record storage unit. Of course, you need to select it with an eye to the size of the collection, because it is much easier to place 20-30 items than, for example, 80-100 items. Small collections can be stowed away in a box, case, container, wardrobe trunk, organizer, nightstand or bag. Let's consider the most popular vinyl record holder wall options.

And How to Store Vinyl Records at Home?

A magazine rack is perfect. In addition, its use gives the vinyl record furniture the ability to turn on the imagination. Cube-shaped racks are also suitable. In this case, it becomes possible to divide products into certain groups.

Some people prefer to purchase special vinyl lp shelves or vinyl record holders for storing vinyl records or make it themselves. The material may vary. A vinyl record shelf is also a great option. The only drawback is that in this case, looking through the spine of the envelopes on which the name is indicated causes a problem.

When choosing a vinyl record player table for storing, it must be borne in mind that the distance between the shelves should be at least 33 centimeters.

The fact is that the height of a standard envelope is 32 centimeters, and its placement will be as convenient as possible. However, in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, because too much free space will necessarily be filled with something over time, turning into a warehouse of unnecessary things.

How to Properly Store Vinyl Records?

It is also better if the compartments are closed. A vinyl record bookcase will help reduce the ingress of light and dust. You also need to take care of installing partitions every 20-30 centimeters. This will create small cells of 30–35 plates that will not bend and affect other products.

Expert Advice

Experts give a number of tips for floating vinyl record shelves and help your products last longer.

First of all, it is about the best way to store vinyl records, do not store them without an envelope. The fact is that dust settles on the plates without a vinyl record console, which has an abrasive effect on the surface upon contact with the needle.

Accordingly, the groove walls wear off faster.

It is recommended to remove dust from the surface before and after playback. This is done with a soft cloth or special tampons, you can use microfiber cloths. The material should not leave lint. Do not use antistatic agents or blow off the dust, as this will cause moisture and further contamination. Circular movements are performed in the direction of the grooves.

It is also not recommended to smoke in the same room as the turntable or use vinyl bookshelf. Particles of tar and nicotine are microscopic in size, while their abrasive effect is no less strong than that of dust. At the same time, such a vinyl record table is rather difficult to cleanse.

In addition, the gluing of loose labels on the plates requires careful attention. The adhesive must be acid-free. It can be purchased at specialty stores that offer hobby or book restoration products. Particularly stubborn dirt can be removed with detergents.

For example, "Fairy" is perfect, but you should try to choose a composition without vitamins and other additional additives. Despite the fact that it does not sound very pleasant, users note that the process is safe and quite efficient.

For information on how to properly store records, see the video.

A Little More about Storing Vinyl Records

vinyl stand

The clarity and completeness of the sound frequencies reproduced by gramophone records primarily depend on proper care and proper use of them. Proper storage of vinyl records is one of the most important steps in their use.

To preserve the unique properties of the record, it is necessary to store it at room temperature, without exposure to the environment, since it can provoke the spread of mold and fungal formations on the disc. For a proper vinyl player shelf, relative humidity of 45-50 percent is best.

In addition, it is necessary to create barriers against direct UV rays. The average temperature of the vintage vinyl record cabinet should be 18-21 degrees, but with longer storage, they can be reduced to 7-10 degrees.

Proper storage of vinyl records also includes vertical placement. It is recommended to use metal racks with partitions every 20 centimeters. Sorting records for storage is advised depending on their diameter, so they will fit more tightly to each other.

For storing vinyl records, pick out special envelopes, which are covered with special protective polyethylene. These envelopes can be with or without flaps. Both options are suitable for placing records at home, and during transportation it is advised to use envelopes, closing flaps, so the records will hold more securely.

In addition, the storage of vinyl records inside the envelope must also be accompanied by a plastic bag that has an antistatic insert. Please note that it is highly discouraged to use vinyl records furniture since their constituent elements have the corresponding components as the records, which will provoke the formation of scratches on the surface.

Take the records out of the protective envelopes immediately before listening to them, after which immediately put them back. Best vinyl display ideas mean keeping them away from daylight as little as possible. It is recommended to remove vinyl records from the envelope so that your fingers do not touch its soundtracks. If the audio media is in a paper envelope, remove it extremely slowly to avoid scratching.

When storing vinyl records, try to minimize their contact with any surface other than the envelope, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Even the smallest contamination of soundtracks can distort poorly reproduced images.

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