Vintage – Main Ideas and Features: Why Is It So Popular Today?

vintage in the interior design

The best description of this style is the next: the feeling of cozy olden times, slightly shabby and battered, but aristocratic and qualitative. Vintage translates the epoch, looking into other ones at the same time, that’s why it is so versatile.

It has grown up from separate designer’s affords of the last century to create the eclectic harmonious collages out of design elements, that belonged to different epochs and styles.

The Main Ideas of This Current Are

  • Unobtrusive supplementation of interior’s conception with old things, which do not overload the space.
  • Relatedness to classics with the ability to add modern details.
  • Rational selection of old things according to the chosen epoch, that are to create a slight nostalgia.
  • Denying the minimalism. Vintage demands a lot of details and décor.
  • A balanced amount of oldness. It is important not to use too many old things to avoid the overwhelming.

One of the most important things here is to use the qualitative old or artificially aged things, but not the things that became out of order. The interior doesn’t have to be looking like a rubbish dump.

Here Are Some Elements That Determine This Style from the First Sight

  1. Old things and décor minutiae: old pictures, statuettes, lampshades.
  2. Artificially aged details.
  3. Wall facing that imitates the original one, which was characteristic to the certain epoch: textile, textured plastering, old-fashion wallpapers.
  4. Mild natural colors that imitate the bleached once.
  5. Certain types of textile were the most popular at those times.
  6. Natural materials: copper, wood, ceramics.
  7. Moldings with patina – as an imitation of time impact.
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