A Beautiful Velvet Sofa Can Make Your Living Room Look Royally Luxurious or Modern Elegant

velvet couch

Velvet is a soft, piled fabric that has been around since the Middle Ages. At the end of the last century, she began to gradually disappear from the pages of fashion magazines. And Decorin, of course, could not ignore this new trend.

The velvet sofa upholstery is one of the easiest ways to incorporate velvet into your home.

Luxurious Velvet Sofa in the Interior of the Living Room

Velvet is considered a royal material for a reason. In the old days, it was made from silk and the production process was much more complicated than it is now, so only members of royal families could afford velvet clothes and pieces of furniture in their homes. Today, velvet is usually made from cotton and synthetics, but it also has an attractive softness and a shiny texture.

Adding a velvet sofa to a living room immediately makes it look elegant and stylish. But if you are especially interested in luxury style, then give preference to a sofa with velvet upholstery in a deep, rich dark color. Violet, emerald, indigo, dark gray, cherry, marsala - these trendy shades today are ideal for a given purpose.

How to Choose the Perfect and Luxury Velvet Settee

Rich and luxurious velvet is not as delicate as it might seem. Here's how to choose the right material for a modern velvet sofa and how to care for it. Many people love the look and luxury of velvet but do not dare to cover furniture with it, because they have heard that it is difficult to care for it. This is not necessarily the case. Let's see what you need to look for in order to buy the right model of any trendy sofa beds or even a tufted velvet sleeper sofa.

Length and Direction of Pile of Velvet Upholstery

velvet settee

The main feature of velvet is its short pile. During the manufacturing process, longer strands are cut to create a soft plush surface. It is also important in which direction the fibers lie. Some velvets reflect light differently depending on the direction of the pile. This is why velvet can appear lighter or darker when you run your hand over it, changing the direction of the grain.

The Color Range of Velvet Sofa

The density of the velvet couch means that it reflects color perfectly. Density allows the velvet to absorb large amounts of color, creating an intense, rich tone. The velvet will have a much deeper color than a similar dyed piece of flat-woven cotton or linen.

Quality of Velvet Sofas Furniture

Not all velvet is of the same quality. To compare the two, look at the density of the backing and pile, the thickness of the yarn, and the fiber content. Curling the pattern diagonally will allow you to see how tightly the fabric has been woven. If it is easy to see the backing through the fibers, it means that the velvet has fewer fibers per square inch and is of lower quality.

The Durability of the Velvet Sofa Set

A general measure of durability is the inherent rating of a particular fabric based on a "friction test". This is a measure of the number of double cracks (which occurs when someone sits and stands) before the fabric shows obvious wear. Or two or more threads will be broken. There are a lot of types of velvet, among them, you can also find a contemporary velvet sofa as well. Many types of velvets receive a heavy-duty rating, with some sizes up to 250,000 cycles.

A Little about Sofa Velvet Fabric

Velvet can be woven from almost any fiber. You can find velvet made from natural fibers, cellulose (rayon / artificial or modal), or synthetic products. The two types of fibers are often combined to create a velvet that combines the best qualities of both.

When working with velvet in the interior, you need to be careful. Especially if it is a shiny, iridescent fabric (the so-called panne velvet, plush, etc.). Such velvet, if it is made in a deep, saturated color, adds an absurd pretentiousness to the interior. Provided, of course, that it is used in large quantities (curtains or sofa upholstery).

Plush velvet is more versatile in neutral or pastel colors. For example, a pearl-colored sofa with this upholstery will look much better than a burgundy or emerald green.

The Most Common Types of Velvet by Material

sofa velvet fabric
  • silk velvet;
  • linen velvet;
  • cotton velvet;
  • wool;
  • mohair;
  • synthetic velvet;
  • edged velvet.

Pets and Velvet Sofa Sets

Pet owners often talk about how the velvet will act as a magnet for wool. This can happen, but the coat can be removed with a soft cloth or velvet brush. One of the advantages: It is much more difficult for cats to sharpen their nails in velvet than in fabric with an obvious weave, such as linen.

Care for Velveteen Sofa at Home

There are several things you can do to limit the characteristic shedding and preserve the new velvet:

  • Rotate the pillows to prevent pressure sores from forming when they are leaning against each other.
  • Beat the pillows to keep the folds from breaking the velvet.
  • Clean the velvet weekly with a clothes brush or velvet brush.
  • Do not let anything sit on the velvet for a long time, such as a book or remote control.

As a truly royal material, velvet requires special attention and care. One of the best ways to clean velour couches and armchairs is with baking soda and lemon juice. First, you should vacuum the sofa with the brush attachment. Then - mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with lemon juice until foamy. Apply it to the surface of the sofa with a soft cloth and remove it, being careful to avoid friction and maintain a straight motion along with the pile. Also sometimes warm water is mixed with dish detergent but also shaken for foaminess.

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