Types of Curtains

different style curtains

The window is one of the brightest places in a room that overlooks the outside world. It is thus one of the most important elements in the field of interior design. Which curtains to choose to embalm your access to the outside world? In this article, we will present you with different types of curtains to decorate your windows with something to enjoy dreaming about while contemplating the world.

There is little information about the arrival of curtain use. However, several religious writings such as the New Testament mention religious practices including the use of curtains. During the 16th century, curtains were seen as a sign of belonging to the nobility. They were often present in theaters, castles, and all the buildings that hosted royalty.

Today, curtains are a design accessory present in homes as decoration but also for their practicality. Indeed, the use of curtains makes it possible to limit the entry of light into the rooms and is often less expensive than exterior shutters. In the rest of this article, you will discover how to choose between different kinds of curtains that will meet your decorative and creative needs.

Type of Curtain Fabrics

different types of curtain valances

The textile for window curtain types will depend on what you are looking for in your interior design. Indeed, if you are simply looking to add a decorative accessory to embellish your interior, or if you are on the contrary looking to protect the rays of the morning sun, you will choose different kinds of textile curtains.

If it's the aesthetic aspect that appeals to you in the curtains, it is best to consider sheer curtains. You can opt for a veil that easily allows light to enter the room. Remember to choose hot heat that will allow a warm atmosphere.

You can also consider using cotton for a more matte look or linen. Both cotton and linen are natural textiles that will give your windows a more rustic feel. Both cotton and linen are natural textiles that will give your windows a more rustic feel. You can also use organza which is a synthetic material but gives a silky and elegant appearance.

If you are looking for different curtain styles that are decorative but also practical, we recommend that you turn to more opaque fabrics. These are generally fabrics such as velvet which will give your design a voluptuous side that can be intimate and out of sight.

Type of Curtain Construction

different curtain styles

Curtain sets are the different ways your fabrics are attached to the hanger bar of your curtains. There are several ways to connect your fabric such as eyelets, legs, or ties. These variations are primarily a way to vary the mood types in your interior design through different style curtains.

Eyelets are small metallic circles that fit directly inside the fabric. Thus, the iron bar passes directly inside the textile. You can find curtains with eyelets already integrated into the fabric. The advantage of this construction is that it is quick and easy to install. That’s why it’s so popular.

Another type of tailoring is the tie. This hanging technique consists of having two pieces of tissue extended. This allows the fabric to hang from the bar from a bow tie. This technique is often used for the warm and family aspect it gives to your rooms. Enough to have a cozy atmosphere while enjoying your exterior view.

The last way to easily hang your curtains is through tabs. The legs are extensions of fabric sewn in the shape of a circle that simply allows the iron bar to slide through. It is also a very popular technique for the classic and understated side it brings to curtains. In fact, thanks to this, the bar may be barely visible or even completely coated and hidden inside the fabric.

different types of curtains and their names

In this article, we have introduced you to different types of curtains and their names for you to increase your interior design knowledge while discovering new inspirations. If you want to go deeper into curtains interior design, you can also easily add to these inspirations different types of curtain valances by varying their length and finishes.

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