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In the first months of life, the crib becomes a place for the baby to learn about the world, so the sleeping furniture for the baby should have all the amenities.

How long the first baby bed is used depends on the characteristics of the particular types of cribs baby bed designs. The bed will normally last 2-3 years, and maybe 10 years. Whether it will be a simple wooden crib, a rocking chair, or a whole range of devices, parents have to choose.

But it must be safe, comfortable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

In order to choose the necessary baby bed designs, we have prepared important information for you. We invite you to explore the types of cribs and the functional characteristics of unique cribs further.

Kinds of Cribs Baby Bed Designs

types of cribs

Baby Cots-Transformer

It is a complex of useful elements. The baby cribs’ designs consist of a bed, a chest of drawers, a changing table, drawers, and shelves. They are combined into one whole.

Transformer modern baby bed - means that the bed can be decomposed into separate structural elements. Like a robot. And from a children's bed, a bed for a younger student is formed. The sides are removable, some models of unique convertible cribs are equipped with a folding bottom.

This furniture guarantees convenience when caring for a newborn, as the necessary accessories are at hand. And for an older child, a chest of drawers will serve as a locker for clothes or toys.

Benefits of Transformer Beds:

  • Automatic motion sickness.
  • Transformation into a sofa.
  • Profitability.
  • Presentable crib styles and unique baby furniture.

Disadvantages of Transformers

  • The size of the boxes.
  • Not all models are equipped with a pendulum mechanism.
  • Difficult to move around the room due to the heavyweight and lack of wheels.
  • High price.
  • The need for additional space for the operation of the pendulum mechanism.

Extra Features

Models are equipped with a musical button. In addition, a mobile or lighting is installed.

Pendulum Cribs

The pendulum crib replaces the cradle and the usual children's sleeping furniture. It belongs to an important piece of furniture and, thanks to its special design, helps the mother in taking care of the baby.

The principle of contemporary baby cribs operation depends on the type of pendulum. There are three types of pendulum mechanisms. Everyone acts on the principle: the sleeping place swings, but the base of the bed does not move.

Longitudinal Pendulum

The mechanism is represented by hinges and bushings that provide long-term swinging. The action is similar to wiggling in the arms. Children calm down and fall asleep faster. Doctors say that moving back and forth is more natural for the body.

Transverse Pendulum

It occurs from side to side, like a normal cradle. This model requires little space. Therefore, it is perfect for a small room.


baby cribs designs

The third type of pendulum baby bed ideas combine the previous two, that is, it transforms from transverse to longitudinal, and vice versa. Thus, the optimal way of motion sickness for the child is selected.

Additional Functions of a Baby Cot with a Pendulum:

  • Some models of fancy baby beds are equipped with the function of raising/lowering the bottom.
  • Removable walls will open access for the mother to the baby, if desired, it is possible to move the bed to your sleeping place.
  • There are models with a chest of drawers or changing tables. It turns out to be a place for storing things. A changing table will serve as a useful addition in the first months of life.
  • There are options equipped with an electric motor, which provides electronic control.

Advantages of Pendulum Cribs:

  • Replacement of swing on hands.

Disadvantages of Pendulum Cribs:

  • The difficulty of moving.
  • Difficulty choosing the type of pendulum device.

Wooden Cribs

These wooden cribs for babies are popular because of their functionality and long service time. Wood is the most common material for the manufacture of children's furniture. Use a wooden model from birth. If the top is not covered with varnish or paint, then it is the most environmentally friendly option. For the smoothness of the surface is polished.

Material of the most durable exotic baby cribs:

  • beech;
  • aspen;
  • birch;
  • maple;
  • pine

Choosing this Victorian-style cribs model, be prepared for the fact that marks and scratches will remain on the surface.

This surface is not varnished, polished, or painted.

If the model that you liked was processed by some means, specify - with what. It is important that no lead is used.

Modern wooden 4 poster cribs for babies are equipped with an adjustable bottom and a removable sideboard. They are reliable, durable, and stable.

Saving space turns out to be a huge advantage, and the variety of the model range allows you to choose a piece of furniture that is suitable for design.

The sizes of the boxes are made according to the specified standards. Classic drawers are located at the bottom of the crib, but side placement is also found. The boxes are arranged in one or two rows. The sides are removed as the child grows.


Playpen types of cots differ from the usual model in that their walls are fabric and in several places are equipped with a net. It is good to use it in a small area, where there is no way to put a full-fledged arena.

In such a crib, the baby is not only comfortable sleeping but also good at playing. Older children can climb into it on their own. It provides for an "entrance" from the side of the arena. It closes with a zipper. The cot is recommended for babies from birth to three years old.


  • can be used not only for sleeping but also for games;
  • has a bright palette;
  • ease of use.


  • there are no rigid rods (it is difficult for a child to climb himself);
  • the bottom is low (parents need to bend more).

Cots with Changing Table

Often the children's room in the pictures is furnished with a lot of children's furniture, including a separate changing table. But in real life, the crib models are placed in my mother's bedroom. Therefore, there is not enough space for a separate special table. The option with a changing area will come in handy.

The sleeping place is taken out, a full-fledged arena for games is formed. Some cots are complemented by lighting and mobile. The disadvantage of cribs is a short service life, as soon as the baby sits down (5 or 6 months), it is already dangerous to leave him unattended.

If the room has enough space, you can buy a separate changing table. It is important only for the first year of a child's life. Therefore, children's modern style baby cribs, including a changing table, will be an economical option.

Children’s Wall Cribs with Wheels

crib styles

Furniture on wheels makes it easy to place a berth. Often, a young mother changes the location of the crib to watch the baby when he is very young or sick. In this case, the weight of the bed plays a role. To avoid inconvenience, it is recommended to choose a model with casters.

Rocking Bed

The rocking bed is a baby sleeping place with a motion sickness function. The principle of the rocking chair is based on rocking the bed to the sides. This is done at the expense of the arcs (runners) to attach to the legs.

The advantages are environmental safety if the material of manufacture is wood. Other options are metal or plastic.

On a Note!

  • Be guided by the fact that the dimensions of a standard crib for toddlers vary within 120 cm x 60 cm, but it is better to measure the places where you plan to put it first.
  • The classic options include cribs with legs, runners, and castors.
  • To protect your child from teething injury, choose models with plastic or silicone ear tips.
  • If you want the baby to be with you for the first time after birth, pay attention to the cradle. It is designed for children up to six months old. True, these are additional costs. But it is easy to move it, the child is under supervision, he is warm and comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the distance between the rods, at least 2 cm and no more than 8 cm. This is necessary for the safety of the baby so that the arms, legs, and head do not get stuck.
  • It's good if a couple of rods can be easily removed so that in the future the grown-up baby can climb into the crib on his own.
  • Choose a crib made of wood. This material is the most environmentally friendly and breathable. Such a crib is easy to care for. It washes well and dries quickly.
  • The best wood species for a crib are birch, alder, maple, beech. Pine is also suitable. True, it is softer, so traces of scratches and mechanical damage may remain.
  • There are cots made of plastic or wood-based panels. In this case, when buying, pay attention to the quality certificate. The main thing is that the materials do not contain any toxins.
  • It is important for your baby's safety that the surface of the crib is perfectly smooth. Run your hand over it and make sure there are no roughness or notches on it.
  • It is undesirable to choose painted models or varnished, polished ones. They may contain lead, which is unsafe for the health of the child.

I think that the question of choosing a crib sooner or later arises before any future parents. Which crib is perfect for your baby? After all, a crib is a place in which a baby spends most of his time in the first years of life. So when choosing a suitable bed, you should pay attention not only to the beauty of the product but also to a number of other important criteria.

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