Triennale and Ettore Sottsass Unveil the Renovated Design of Casa Lana

Triennale and Ettore Sottsass

La Triennale’s work with Ettore Sottsass started in 1957 when the maestro from Italy contributed the 11th edition of the International Exhibition. And now, they revealed Casa Lana, a private residency for the collector family in Milan.

Designed in the mid-60s style, the apartment is combined with urban notes. You can notice the designer’s signature style. The Radical touch is used in a dining room, a living room, a hallway, an office, and a corridor.

Design of Casa Lana

Casa Lana welcomes guests at the museum’s first floor where you can discover an exact replica of the original house featuring all the proportions and materials. A structure made of wood offers a lounge zone with sofas.

The exhibition will last two years and will consist of a series dedicated to Sottsass’s heritage for modern Italian design. Struttura e colore studies two essential elements- structure and color through various paintings, drawings, photographs, and other objects. Boeri thinks that it demonstrates the relationship between humans' needs, their habits, and the space occupied.

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