Trends of 2020: Painted Floor

painting wood floors ideas

Many people say that the design of the interior it’s all in the details (filling, comfort, functionality, decoration). We know which color of the lamp will be in the bedroom, or what carpet will be placed at the entrance to the bathroom even before the repair. We are used to looking straight, up, around and it is right. But what's under our feet also deserves attention, do you agree?

In this article, we will discuss the element of the interior that we rarely notice - the floor. But rest assured, if you know some nuances, you will make it as a bright accent of the room, or a great background or addition.

According to the expert opinion, one of the main words of the year is "transformation". We want our interior to be flexible and ready to change depending on our wishes and preferences. And if furniture and decor can be easily replaced or we can repaper modern wallpaper without much trouble – the replacement of the floor covering can become major repairs.

A well-known solution is to repaint the boring old wooden or concrete floor. It will go nicely to those who often change his/her environment and those who can give a new life to old things.

The Painted Wooden Floor Has Its Advantages and Weaknesses

painted wood floors ideas
  • You can give a new look to the old and worn out wooden floor, make the surface visually more homogeneous with the help of painting.
  • There are no restrictions on the choice of color – the floor can become a neutral background for bright accents, active textures, and furniture.
  • The right shade can connect different rooms into a single whole or the opposite to separate too big and free open space.

Must be taken into account that you have to make preparations before painting and that the painted floor doesn’t dry out completely at once. For example, you will require 5-7 days for acrylic paint.

Besides, it will be difficult to return to the unpainted wooden floor even after sanding, because the paint gets up into the edges of the boards and cracks in the old wooden floors, gluing the boards together.

And you need to be careful in choosing cleaning supplies, you will have to buy those that don’t scratch the painted floor.

You can paint not only on the clapboard floor. Of course, if you have new beautiful ceramic tiles on your floor, it might be a good idea to stick with it. But linoleum, contrary to popular belief, is quite possible to paint. You just need to choose the right paint and prepare the surface.

The Main Criteria for Paint Selecting

Floor Material

The list of suitable materials will be different for wooden and concrete surfaces:

  • The wood texture is important for wooden floors.
  • Working location. It is important for concrete floors where the work will be conducted: if it is a living accommodation, attention must be paid to the toxicity of the paint.
  • The condition of carrying out works and further exploitation. The choice of composition is influenced by the presence or absence of ventilation in the room, the moisture level. Some paints (such as epoxy formulations) can be applied only in a well-ventilated room. If painting is done outside it is important that the material can withstand atmospheric condensation.

Loading on the Floor

painted floor

Which Paints Are Suitable for the Wooden Floor?

The wooden floors are painted to increase the wearability of the material, to protect from moisture, mildew, and mechanical influences.

There are best suited:

  • Acrylic;
  • Oil;
  • Enamelled paint.

Concrete floors demonstrate extreme strength and durability. But there always will be dust on the floor without the paint. Moreover, an unpainted concrete floor doesn’t look attractive.

Such paints are used for painting concrete floors:

  • Epoxy paints;
  • Specially formulated mixtures for concrete floors;
  • Acrylics;
  • Polyurethane enamels;
  • Acrylic-silicone and latex paints are less frequently used.

Monotonous Painted Floor

If you want rich colors in space, then it would be better to stick to a single color of walls, floor, and ceiling. The monochrome space in the room will perfectly harmonize with bright contrasting furniture and accessories.

Patterned Floor

Try to transform a monotonous white or grey floor into a fashionable spotted palette.

The stripes always look elegant and great. It looks fresh in the mint color of the Scandinavian kitchen. This technique can extend the space.

“Chequered” is a classic for all time. You can use contrasting colors or shades which are close to each other.

Another option of using the strips is the Ombre-effect.

Which Pattern You Should Choose for Floor Painting?

You have a huge choice to make! If your interior is made in the strict minimalistic or classical style you can order as a basis a chessboard, chevrons (zig-zag), or their variations.

Geometric drawings will perfectly suit an interior in retro style, contrasting and not too ornate. If you want to add a fusion element to the interior, paint the floor with unique and sophisticated Indian ornaments. But be ready that artistically painted floor will attract attention overshadowing the rest of the interior design.


fancy floor

The pattern can be created with the help of stencils. A stencil with a simple drawing you can create by yourself. For intricate patterns, it is worth using a specially designed stencil. Stencils can be different: from plant to animalistic prints.

You can create geometric patterns by using simple masking tape. With its help, you can draw flat stripes of various thicknesses on the floor. Masking tape helps to create a smooth, clear pattern and also protects areas that you don’t want to paint.

If you are sure about your artistic abilities you can transform the floor into a real painting. It will be worth using paints that are designed specifically for the floor but the brushes can be artistic.

The painted carpet will look very original. In any case, such a rug will be easier to clean than the real one – just wash the floor and that's all!

The painted "picture" should be covered with a special liquid to protect it from deletion.

Linoleum Cutting

Bright monochrome linoleum (which colors are not limited to beige and brown) will suit the modern interior.

You shouldn’t be afraid to combine different types of linoleum. For example, you can combine several shades of linoleum and lay it out in some unusual way: stripes, rhombus.

Put the Mosaic on the Floor

Often people think the mosaic floor is very cold. The flooring will last a very long time and if you change the furniture, and repaint the walls the interior won’t lose its individuality.

The mosaic is suitable for any room and style. Also, you can buy a ready mosaic carpet.

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