The Vertical Indoor Garden Uses Aeroponics To Cultivate Plants Without Soil

One of the most popular requests in house building became the indoor garden inculcation. The vertical indoor garden relies on aeroponics which gives the opportunity to grow plants without ground or growing medium. 

aeroponics verical indoor garden

The indoor gardens became the basic elements of living rooms. Last time people asked architects to create special gardens inside their dwellings. It became popular to be closer to nature. So, many designers decided to integrate non-standard biophilic design into great homes. 

This kind of design surrounds people with greenery and provides them with food and nutrients. The designer Sebastian Weigand has developed indoor grounds to reduce food refuse, relying on an aeroponics system. 

aeroponics verical indoor garden by Sebastian Weigand

Such an interesting system implies the hanging of the roots of the plants in a dark bay. They are periodically sprayed with a nutrient-rich mist that stimulates growth. Weigand narrates that growing plants at home develops our awareness. 

The natural wood-covered indoor garden is made from a narrow steel frame, adhering to the minimalist design. The wood covering will look right in every room. It also will give a refined look to the whole system. 

Sebastian Weigand design for vertical indoor garden

The four rows of ornamental flower pots in the form of bookshelves keep the various plants. The system’s complex mechanisms conceal all the magic. The reservoir with the nutrient-rich mist is situated above the legs of Weigand’s Aeroponics Indoor Garden. The mist pumps pass through the interior flaps and distribute throughout the whole system to supply diverse plants. In case of the overabundance of it, integrated drains send extra content back into the storage tank.

One more popular theme is to create a Japanese garden inside your house. This type of garden is arranged not for a walk, but only for passive contemplation from a certain point, usually from a window or veranda of a house.

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