The Ugliest Couches Ever: Never Buy the Sofa That Looks like That

my new sofa is uncomfortable

The sofa is the real "heart" of the living room. Here we spend time with family, meet guests, rest after work (or work at home), watch our favorite movies, take a nap, etc. So the choice of a sofa should be taken with all the responsibility. Not to mention that it is a piece of furniture, which usually serves for many years.

Let's look at those couches that aren't worth buying, for example:

  • Sofas with wide armrests and backrest. This is an outdated sofa model. It is better to buy an extra table, which will fit more items and access to delicacies will be not only for you.
  • Sofa and armchair from the same collection. It's better to dilute the interior with a bright, designer chair. It can be different in style, color, but is supported by something else in the interior.
  • Fancy shapes. Avoid sofas with strange and unpractical shapes (lips, donuts, and spaceships). These sofas are more often used as a decorative element, but no more.
  • Don't choose a sofa that you can't lie on. Do you agree that there's no reason in buying a sofa that you won't be comfortable lying on?

If even after reading this article you still are in doubt about the right choice, take the very classical couch and dilute it with decorative and soft pillows. But choose a fabric and color that is different from the sofa (curtains).

The main rule when choosing a sofa is to match the interior style and general concept. After all, the sofa is usually the most accentuated subject of the interior. And if your living room is made in a discreet Scandinavian style, and in the center of the room we can see a sofa in the form of a bright donut it will look inappropriate.

Let’s Deal with It!

sofa in the interior

Sofas of the new generation are the quintessence of comfort and aesthetics. Designers are not limited to form, so in the furniture salon, it is easy to find an empire-style couch and a product that cannot be described in the form. What to look for when buying a couch?

We are ready to tell you how to choose a sofa. Some basic criteria for choosing it easily and correctly.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Sofa?

 how to choose sofas

The material and color of the sofa should also be consistent with the overall concept. Modern living room sofas can be a bright accent in a neutral living room or, conversely, can match the basic colors of the interior.

Couch and Room Size

The sofa shouldn’t be too large in a small room: from the edge of the sofa to the opposite wall is better to leave at least 2 meters. In a larger room, one small sofa will be lost - it is better to choose a large sofa or create a composition of two small sofas (modular sofas - one of the modern trends). If necessary, such a sofa can be disassembled into a few poufs or, conversely, to collect a bed if one of the guests decides to stay the night.

Upholstery Material and Color

printed fabric sofa

We suggest to use a brief note on the upholstery materials:

  • Microfiber is durable and easy to clean;
  • Velour is beautiful, but over time it erases and loses its appearance;
  • Jacquard only dry cleaning is possible;
  • Tapestry practical, but the nap of flock requires careful care.
  • Leather comfortable, but expensive. In addition, sitting on a sofa in short shorts or a skirt is not very comfortable.
  • Buckle afraid of sharp objects, fast puffs appear. If you've drunk something on the sofa, run immediately for a dry hoe and mild soap.

What Color Couch Should I Get?

how to buy a good sofa

To simplify your choice of colors, designers have made several universal schemes. They always work, help to create a harmonious interior.

  • Monochrome is recommended to choose furniture to match the color of the walls or their parts, but with a difference in the intensity of the shade.
  • Neutral a variant in which neutral calm tones prevail in everything from walls to furniture.
  • A neutral sofa in a bright interior. The bright colors of the walls are complemented and shaded by the neutral, calm tone of the upholstered furniture (or the interior is neutral and printed fabric sofa).
  • Combined. Bright upholstered furniture plus bright walls.

The last scheme is the most complicated of all. To implement it, you can contact a professional designer or use a color circle.

View from Behind

tips for buying a sofa

Most often the sofa is placed close to the wall. And no one pays much attention to what the backside looks like. Note that the back of the sofa backrest should be made of the same material as its "facade". In addition, the cheap fabric on the back of the sofa - proof of bad tone and not quite high-quality work. In any case, you can order sofa covers with pockets for newspapers, remote control, and other necessary things. It’s also not bad.

How to Buy a Good Quality Couch?

 what to look for when buying a sofa

Avoid foam rubber! Everybody prefers foam rubber: it doesn't cause allergies and collect dust, it’s light and it's cheap! But don't be seduced. A sofa like this won't last you long. A latex or foam mesh is also not the best "filling" option.

Remember, a really good sofa necessarily has springs, which are fixed in the vertical cells that prevent displacement, metal frame (grid), foam rubber, latex, cotton, or woolen gaskets.

And in general, choosing any furniture for the house always try to test: feel, lie and sit on it several times, decompose it and clarify whether the orthopedic mattress. Otherwise, your back will not thank you for your thoughtless purchase.

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