The Succulents in Your Interior

succulents table decorations

If you want to have vegetation in your home for a long time but haven’t any time to care for live plants, then you have to think about having the succulents on your windowsill. This would be a perfect solution for decorating your apartment (house) and your soul. Plants that can forgive you everything and besides that will be a bright addition to your interior. There are succulents! You may be surprised, but aloe is also a succulent, as is the money tree.

Let Us Give You the Reasons Why You Must Say: “Yes, I Want All of Them!”

Reason 1

Succulents are very compact plants. They grow quite slowly and when they reach their maximum height they don't exceed 15 cm. You can easily choose the most beautiful pot for it and not transplant for decades! Their compactness allows you to place several other equally bright «babies» next to each other.

Reason 2

No water - no problem. This species feels well without water for a long period. If you go on holiday for a week – don’t worry, and don’t ask a neighbor to water your succulent. It will endure, the main thing is not to block the access to the air, and don’t irritate the higher than normal. They won’t like watering it like that.

Reason 3

The succulents are very interesting and bright. The appearance of small plants is very dependent on temperature. They can change the color of the leaves, appear patterns on them. For their homeland (mountainous areas: the Middle Sea, Caucasus) temperature difference is common. Some representatives can hibernate under the snow, and they will be quite comfortable.

For an experiment, you can put them on the balcony in autumn (or at the end of summer) when there is a contrast of temperatures, or just not water them for a long time. If you have batteries in which you can adjust the temperature you may also see this phenomenon.

Reason 4

You can breed them. If you spend a little time and attention, you can grow new succulents from the old ones by yourself. For some of them it is enough to rip off (cut) the leaf and plant it in the ground. Others sprout from the cut tip of the plant (succulents that look like a rosebud). If you are lucky, the leaf will take root and germinate.

Advice. It is cheaper to grow a new succulent from seed than to buy mature plants.

Reason 5

They can bring money to your house. Seriously, you can make money by selling the succulents that you raised yourself. Many different offices, malls decorating with succulents. Or you can create original bouquets.

Succulents in the decor

succulents in the house

They will be appropriate if you like neatness, minimalism in the interior.

If you want to enliven the corner of the house and make a beautiful accent, place the succulent under a glass vase, or in a beautiful transparent ball. And if you have enough time, use your imagination and create an unusual composition. There are a lot of succulent decor ideas on the Internet for inspiration.

Succulents will perfectly complement any space: guest room, bathroom, kitchen window sill, and also decorate the fireplace.

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