The Students Created a Modern Technology House With the Innovative Design

VIRTU students design

The group of students, VIRTU, developed a big project, named Ripple, a house made from repurposed timber. At the top of the roof are established colored solar panels. All the energy generated by modern solar panels is safe and completely reliable. The sun is the best source of natural warmth and is considered the best alternative to artificial and expensive fuel. The use of such technologies allows us to save money and preserve the ecosystem.

house design Ripple

The largest pieces of furniture keep the places of saving in themselves, which creates the feeling of lightness and much free space. Two flats in the house are combined with an open space. The invention has a system of self-sufficiency.

Exactly, the system of a smart house EQUI. It allows distributing the energy with minimal expenses. Also, VIRTY created a special application, Recapp, that connects to different home systems and city objects.

smart house EQUI

The project was made for a Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/22 competition that will take place in Germany.

Would like to note that now is the best time to start thinking about our environment. The one person, of course, cannot make much for the world but if everyone will take his hand on a little thing, such as change the polyethylene bag to a paper one, the situation will improve. It is just the choice of everyone.

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