The Red Room Bar Designed by Bryan O’Sullivan Studio Takes Place in London

The Red Room

The curator of The Connaught Hotel in London has brought together an impressive collection of art, which he decided to place in a new atmospheric bar.

The Red Room is designed by Bryan O'Sullivan Studio from Britain. The name of the institution does not refer to the color of the walls or ceiling but to the palette of art objects selected for the project by Paddy McKillen. In each of the works of art, a shade of red is presented.

The designers wanted to provide a decent backdrop for this thoughtful selection, not transforming the bar into an exhibition space. This is how the idea came about to decorate an interior similar to a collector's apartment: aesthetic, but quite comfortable and residential. The designers have chosen a pastel palette- basic cream and nude shades combined with delicate olive and pearl blue colors. While dull colors allow emphasizing numerous scarlet and burgundy accents.

Bryan O’Sullivan

The designers paid special attention to a variety of textures, skillfully combining grainy and even surfaces. So, they decorated the floor and columns with small Italian mosaics, similar in texture to glass in the bar's decoration and mottled upholstery of chairs. The walls were covered with watercolor plaster. The smooth leather of the chairs, the shimmery onyx top, brass hardware, and red Murano glass panels literally illuminate the bar from the inside. Cozy areas with sofas, poufs, and armchairs are eclectically furnished, and multi-color carpets help to visually unite each of them.

Red Room Bar

One of the main motives of the project was a winding line- a symbol of spontaneity and creativity. It is repeated in the silhouettes of sofas and armchairs, the brass trim of the shelf above the bar, the design of the tubular lamp, and the shape of the marble fireplace. A real decoration of the interior is a built-in rack with streamlined openings-shelves, the plasticity of which is emphasized by creamy plaster. The structure helps zone the bar space and serves as a showcase for colorful vases and sculptures.

The central art object in The Red Room is, of course, a minimalist painting by Vietnamese artist Tia-Thuy Nguyen, echoed by Louise Bourgeois's work titled I Am Rouge, placed over the fireplace. On either side of it, emphasizing the symmetry of the room, there are twin glass panels by British artist Brian Clarke. The Red Room collection also includes works by photographer Trina Mckillen, artist Jenny Holzer and another piece by Louise Bourgeois.

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