The Portland Designer United With the Schoolgirls in Ghana To Create a Rug Collection

Alex Proba Rug Collection

The famous Portland designer Alex Proba took the initiative to unite with the Toni Garrn Foundation to support Ghana schoolgirls in their creation. The idea to develop rugs came suddenly to the author`s head. Together with the Indian weavers, they made a great line of colorful carpets.

The essence of the whole project was to help young people to express themselves and to encourage their creativity. Bothered with many charitable foundations Alex decided to develop children's creativity.

The designer made a series of seminars over Ghana to draw pictures with the young ladies. Every design will have a form of a magnet or a cube. And all the money will go to the girls.

The inventor wants to teach children that art is a real way to earn and everyone can make money on it. Each person has an artist inside him, it only takes a time to discover this quality in yourself. Abstract shaves, household items, and elements of nature were captured in the creation.

The last line of the rugs was the impersonation of women's empowerment and opportunities through art. The slogan of the whole project is to prove to the world that if the girls have a chance, they can change the world.

It is very important to remember that any kindness you do will return to you double. So if you have an opportunity to help the weak, do it without any doubt.

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