The Popular Skittles Brand Releases a Candy Dispensing Bed Just for $1,50

Skittles and the Simmons Bedding Company created an unlikely alliance with the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed, which combines a candy dispenser and a Murphy bed.

Candy Dispensing Bed Skittles

The yellow candy dispenser features 5 dispensing pipes with the Simmons logo at the top and Skittles graphics below the shelves. A hidden Simmons twin bedding set slides out from behind a shelf, serving as a convenient place to take a nap after the sugar dies down.

While the Sweet Sleep Bed “1 of 1” may prove to be the ultimate test of self-control, it retails for as little as $ 1.50, which is the average price for a Skittles package.

The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed will be available in the dedicated Simmon Drone Racing League, which is making the drone bed for $ 25,000.

For more than 40 years, the popular Skittles brand has been delighting children and adults all over the world with wonderful candies with berry and fruit flavors. The name of the brand is translated as "skittles". The first Skittles were made in Britain in 1974.

Multi Colored dragees are covered with hard sugar glaze, the color of which depends on the taste of each candy.

Product advertising is based on the image of the rainbow, which is encouraged to try or reach for it.

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