The Pingtan Book House by Condition_lab Takes Place in a Chinese Village

Pingtan Book House

Condition_lab almost finished its latest project made in the form of a luminous Pingtan book house. The design research lab from CUHK built the library that takes place in the Chinese village of Pingtan. The structure is designed in the shape of a staircase that is surrounded by a luminous facade. The guests pass through a structure made of wood that has bookshelves built into its walls. According to the designers, the staircase has no destination because it is the destination itself.


The aim of the project is to use concrete construction in the building instead of the traditional urban fabric. So, in this new work, the architectors respect the village's history, while preserving the modernization.

The house follows the area’s architectural DNA and strives to renew a sense of wonder. In addition, the library aims to inspire its visitors with small children.

The library is the second project designed and built by the team in this area. The establishment is located ten kilometers away from the first house and features contemporary designed stairs, walls, windows, and floors.

The team closely cooperated with both local craftsmen and students, completely using a sole material. And only the polycarbonate panels were used to create the façade. They let sunlight inside the building during the day, making a facade glow at night.

Talking about the success of the project, slow rhythm and listening are the key elements that are behind the project. The team managed to gain the trust of the inhabitants of the village and found sponsors for the project.

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