The Nord Architects Has Built a Special Village for People With Dementia

The Nord Architects

More and more people face dementia. The terrible disease causes the gradual impairment of the memory, ability to orient in time and space, and the ability to recognize people and objects. It breaks thousands of destinies. It became harder to take care of ill aged people. So, the Nord Architects decided to build some villages especially to create the area for a safe existence and effective treatment.

The first house for people with dementia was the Alzheimer's Villa in Dax. The creators took responsibility for the task. All the staff was scrupulously selected. Every visitor will note that the place and the atmosphere were designed in a way to live old age with dignity. The most significant thing is to make everyone involved feel good. This is a major prerequisite for providing qualified care.

Village for People With Dementia Nord

All necessary living conditions are there. A market square, beauty salon, restaurant. The right built environment allows the old people not to feel an abrupt move. The everyday connection between the peers is also an important point in the treatment. The terrain of the complex is very green. Many pine trees are planted, so the residents can walk and breathe the fresh air. The village is separated into 4 blocks, and each of them can accommodate 30 people.

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