The Most Inconvenient Trends in Modern Interior Design

No doubt, it is very useful to look through the images of fancy modern interiors – it helps to develop your taste and find fresh ideas. But you have to think it over very carefully when implementing any of them: will it look the same fancy and cool once you start living there?... Imagine yourself using all the things that look so perfect in the picture – will you feel comfortable with them?...

Sometimes we doom ourselves to constant suffering, running after trendy tendencies. And here are some of them.

Detached Bathtub

detached bathtub

First of all, you will never be able to keep it in order if the things displayed on it are used often. So in the future, it will create disorder and spoil the interior. Second, open shelves collect plenty of dust on the surface and the things on it. So be ready to wipe the dust really often. Be especially careful with open shelves in the kitchen as they will get greasy and very difficult to clean.

Sink in Front of the Window

sink by the window

Some housewives say that they would wash the stuff with more pleasure if they can enjoy the landscape while doing this. It is undoubtedly so, but you have to remember, that the glass will be dirtied very often. Will it look attractive?..

Elongated Curtains

long curtains

It is very popular now to make the curtains much longer than the windows’ height is, letting them floating down freely. It really creates a nice effect but just imagines how much dust those folds create… And what if you have a pet with nice thick long hair?... Be ready to wash such curtains three times more often than the regular ones.

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