The Modern Gingerbread House Designed by Kelly Wearstler Was Made for Christmas

Gingerbread House by Kelly Wearstler

Today the participation in charity is gaining more and more popularity.

And the famous American designer Kelly Wearstler decided to contribute to such an event. Especially for Christmas, the woman in collaboration with other designers created a modern gingerbread house of a dream. The creator wants to show the public that every old tradition can be saved and presented in a different role.

From the very beginning of such a big holiday people used to share special bread with each other. It is a symbolism of Christmas, the most family celebration.

The roof of Kelly`s house is shown in a not habitual way. The new view is called a flat top. The porthole windows create the impression of a mystery. The home was fully made from honey cakes and icing. The inventor describes her patent as a real house she wants to live in, the true copy.

The tradition to bake gingerbread houses came from Germany. Closer to the big holiday, a variety of items are sold in shops ready-made and in the form of do-it-yourself kits. Some people bake it by themselves. And all sweet shops compete with each other in the complexity and scale of the houses.

What do you think about the winter old custom? Have you ever made such a dish?

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