The Main Feature of the New Goodman Castellana/Zooco Estudio Offices in Madrid

Goodman Castellana offices

The greatest advantage of the new Goodman Castellana/Zooco Estudio offices is that they are created to provide the employees with the most comfortable way to work. The space is located in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. The modern repair and the comfortable setting play a big role in universal productivity. Offices meet all the current requirements.

office Zooco Estudio

The space is separated into two working areas. From one side, there are some conference halls and from the other- the private space. And they are united in Open Space which gives the staff the opportunity to spend their time, make meetings. Also, it can be the reception and a dining room.

The modern offices differ much from the previous generation. In the new ones, there is the obligatory presence of relaxation zones. Various ottomans, non-standard armchairs, hammocks, and even sun loungers.

Zooco Estudio office design

Leisure activities and games are welcomed. Offices are no longer heavy and cluttered, but transparent, weightless.

The simple but striking design is the decisive point. Nothing superfluous with dotted accents: color or decorative elements to make the atmosphere positive, inspiring, relaxed.

It's important to remember that if the head of the organization chooses uncomfortable furniture, the employees will feel awkward.

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