The Kindergarten in China Established a Big Red Propeller to the Top of the Building

The Kindergarten in China

The company dika design is famed for its unusual and creative works. And now it presented the new kindergarten with a paper airplane design. At the top of the building, the creators established a big red propeller that became the main element of the construction. The original approach to the work aroused the great interest of the Chinese residents. The building is developed in bright colors, which positively attend to the children. The entrance is decorated with red arches.

The main conception of the creation was to reproduce the dreams of every child and adult. To be honest, no matter which status you have and the position you occupy, the most fantastic and sweetest sleep of everyone was to fly, to feel the freedom of existence. Just imagine, you have the wings and the wind gently wraps around your hair. You can reach every place, even if it has never been conquered by a man. Isn't it a real fairy tale?

Also, it is a big motivation for children to attend such an educational institution. Many parents sighed with relief seeing the burning eyes of their kids. We are looking forward to the first comments and impressions.

And what do you think about the original construction? Will you take your child to this kindergarten?

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