Discover What History Is Behind the Fainting Couch and When Did It Appear

Fainting Coach

If you have ever wondered about the meaning of fainting a couch, we will tell you all about this little piece of furniture in the article. After reading this, you will know the whole history behind this furniture item and will see the designer's examples.

Nowadays, people use fainting couches with settees and chaises. However, there are some differences. The fainting couch often has carvings and a bodacious silhouette. And is different from other daybeds because of its frame: it's shorter than a classic sofa. If you look at its shape, it seems the ideal place to fall onto.

The fainting couches had popularity in the western countries during the Regency and Victorian era and are associated with a few myths. Historians think that reclining furniture existed in the 7th century BC (you can find examples of ancient Greek and Roman illustrations on the Internet). But in the 1800s, the fainting sofa got its name, probably because wealthy women had a room for resting, dressing, and fainting.

According to the studies, privileged women from the Victorian period often fainted because their corsets were too tight. So, they were advised to lie down and relax. And because it was believed to be inappropriate to lay in a bed once it was made up, special rooms with daybeds were created in order to give women a place to rest.

Rare Fainting Coach

When Sigmund Freud appeared, it was typical for women to be diagnosed as hysteric. The phrase was applied by men to anything unmanageable about women. So, the patients lie on daybeds to relax and reach a meditative state.

Today, this piece of furniture is still used in contemporary interior design. And besides, they look pretty, the fainting couches are really comfortable. So, it's a good thing to give them a modern interpretation. These asymmetrical seats will add some antique charm to your space, and you can also find them in a therapist's office.

The fainting couch with a single back with two rolled arms or no arms at all is perfect to stretch your legs and relax. In addition, they can be a nice accent in an empty corner, as well as a good way to break up a large space with a few sitting areas. And they will not look as larger as sofas thanks to a lower profile.

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