The Designer Soyida Akhtar Creates Lamps That Mix Craft and Aesthetic

Designer Soyida Akhtar

Modularity and craft are the key elements of Soyida Akhtar's works. The Staffordshire University graduate explore different design ideas used in ceramics. The maker's designs feature a contemporary aesthetic and traditional craft techniques with which she experiments.

Currently, the designer's focus is lighting. Her latest objects involve a range of craft practices and a strong modern aesthetic. So, meet Module table lamp.

Lamps by Soyida Akhtar

Studying the domestic interiors, colors, the lighting in space and its role on our environment, colors, the role of light on an environment, the project features self-expression and already existing modular designs. As a result, Module table lamp was designed as part of an initiative titled Design Creators. The creation was made together with Wedgwood.

The work with soft-edged modules made of ceramic is connected by a brass cylinder. It has the double function of concealing the wireless LED light source, as well as permitting the components to stack vertically. The wireless light can be restored via a USB port.

Another design features soft ceramic forms titled 21 Abandon Darkness. The project reimagines the classic British lighting design adding to it a contemporary element.

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