The Designer Oneseo Choi Uses Industrial Materials As Major Materials in His Work

Oneseo Choi furniture

The furniture designer Oneseo Choi, who was born in South Korea created a huge collection of pieces of the interior using aluminum profiles. The inventor explained that the decision was caused by his attitude to the world. In childhood, the man used to walk only in a big city with high buildings and construction sites. So in his work, he has involved aluminum profiles as the main materials.

While being a student, Oneseo spent nearly 2 years on the development of "Pattern of Industry". Benches, chairs, lamps, and much more items were invented from aluminum and looked like plinths. Choi came to the creation from another side. He looked deeper. The developer learned the physical and esthetic properties of the material and only after that did he create the functions and the forms.

Designer Oneseo Choi home furniture

The most frequently recurring colors of the collection are yellow, blue, and black. Also, the inventor combines glass and wood. The talented Oneseo wanted to show the world the functional advantage of the aluminum profiles. And we guess that he did it! The line looks awesome!

Have you already seen the new collection? What did you think about it? We are very interested in your opinion! Let us know in the comments below!

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