The Comfy Armchair You’ve Been Missing

comfy armchair

Sitting in a restrictive or clunky chair defeats the whole purpose of sitting entirely. Sitting should be nothing but relaxing! The chairs you sit in daily should both look and feel amazing and the best armchairs feature sleek design, durable materials, and fit your body like a glove. Here are our favorite styles of comfortable armchairs that you should add to your home today!

Important Characteristics: Choosing the Perfect Chair

  • cost-effective
  • fashionable
  • functional
  • high quality
  • eco-friendly
  • comfortable
  • durable

Questions to Ask before You Pick Your Armchair

  • How much space do I have and where will I place the chair?
  • What is my budget? 
  • What is my theme or color scheme?
  • What purpose does this chair serve? (reading, TV room, decorative)

Most Comfortable Armchairs

comfortable armchairs

When watching TV or snuggling up with a good book, comfort is a top priority. We recommend a Club Chair due to its grand silhouette and cozy feeling. These chairs are constructed to feel wide and oversized without dominating a space. The ample room will give you lots of space to snuggle up and will look great too.

Another option that prioritizes your comfort is a Tub Chair. These pretty armchairs are known for their rounded shape and half dome-like backing. The design of this chair will feel like a hug wrapping around you every time you take a seat. Both of these armchair options are comfortable, spacious, sleek, and stylish. All you could want!

Armchair with Footstool

Everyone loves the feeling of kicking their feet up after a long day. A comfy armchair with an ottoman will do the trick. We recommend trying a Recliner. These chairs feature an attached ottoman that is amazing for lounging. Depending on your style, you can find recliners that are either plushy or on the understated side. These chairs are the epitome of comfort and made perfect for post-dinner naps!

Modern Comfortable Chairs

most comfortable armchair

If you desire a modern feel that doesn’t compromise comfort, you are looking in the right place. These innovative modern chairs will look interesting in your space and feel easy to relax in. One of our favorites is Modern WingBack. The swooping nature and tall height of the backrest are both aesthetically pleasing and comforting. The wings of this chair are eye-catching and exceptional.

Another spectacular example of modern design is the Solar Chair. These chairs are great for both indoor and outdoor. Its circular shape, bold solid colors, and low height will add an edgy flair to any space.

Small Comfortable Armchairs

These cute armchairs pack a small but mighty punch. If you’re short on square footage but still desire the look and feel of an armchair you will adore these options. An Occasional Armchair is both simple and stunning. They are often made with wooden legs and armrests that beautifully frame the upholstered seating.

This minimalist design will conserve space without sacrificing clean taste.  Another classic is a Rocking Chair. Due to their wooden frame, these chairs won’t take up much room and will look lovely in your space. The rocking of this design is what makes it feel both comforting and meditative.

Comfy Armchair for Bedroom

An amazingly cute armchair option for the bedroom is a Swivel Chair. They are versatile and functional which means you’ll get many uses out of them. Whether you decide to read, relax, study, or host guests in this chair, you will love its look and charming swivel. These chairs are great for filling empty corners and come in a variety of styles. You will love relaxing and twirling in this cozy chair.

Another fantastic bedroom option is an Elowen Chair. The subtle, diagonal armrest of this design speaks volumes through its beautiful simplicity. It conserves space and is an easy chair to chill out in. We recommend adding an accent chair to your bedroom today!

Places to Shop

  • Wayfair
  • Amazon
  • Anthropologie 
  • Rove Concepts
  • Ikea

Go Vintage or Thrifted

modern comfortable chairs

Our final recommendation is an eco-friendly alternative. If none of the options above suit your needs take inspiration from chairs you love from online catalogs and go hunting in your local flea, vintage or antique shops. There is so much out there to discover and that includes nice armchairs! This option is great for the planet and will leave you with a unique and well-loved piece of furniture.

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