The Cheapest House Ever | New 3-D Printing Technology

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Italian company 3D WASP creates the houses, which cost less than a smartphone by dint of new 3-D printing technology.

The team has developed printers, which allow printing three-dimensional constructions out of concrete and geopolymers. Herewith this building has minimal impact on the environment.

The cost of such a house can be less than the smartphone, for example, a smartphone, as it can be built by only two people in approximately 100 hours. They use pretty accessible materials: 25 % of the soil, 40 % of the rice straw, 25 % is rice husk, and 10 % of chalk.

Such a construction doesn’t need a lot of resources for warming up and lighting. It has a lot of huge windows and the one on the ceiling.

This is not the first case of using 3-D technologies for making houses. Earlier in Mexico, the New Story Company started producing the houses that can be congregated from the printed details. In this way, the company wants to provide poor people with accessible housing. Each of these houses would cost less than 2 000 $, and people can pay it out in 2 years.

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