The Best Floor Lamps That Will Complete Your Home

Floor Lamps are a sophisticated, practical, and beautiful addition to any space. They are a statement lighting piece and make styling easy. Here we have listed some cool floor lamps for every function!

Why Floor Lamps? Six Benefits

cool floor lamps

No Installation

Floor Lamps are convenient because all you need is some space and an outlet. You get high light without dealing with wires or pesky installation!

No Need for a Table

These lights stand tall without a side table or nightstand!

Soft Lighting

When you prefer to shut off the central lighting, these popular floor lamps generate a desirable glow.


These are easy to move when redecorating.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Uses less electricity! Save your money and mother earth.

Saves Space

Great optimizing your square footage. These lamps easily fit into awkward corners making them an easy fixture to accommodate.

Which Floor Lamps Give the Best Light Effect?

which floor lamps give the best light
  • Swing Arm Lamp
  • LED Lamp
  • Standing Lamp
  • Torchiere Lamp
  • Tower Lamp

Best Reading Floor Lamp

The best reading lamps will easily fit where needed. They should provide soft, but direct light, fit well around your reading station, or library and prevent eyes from working too hard, which causes strain.

Try a swing arm floor lamp! You can easily arrange or angle it any which way you want, this lamp has no preference. None of the adjustments require you to pick up and move the lamp which keeps things nice and easy. It will give you just the right amount of light. An amazing option overall!

Best Swing Arm Lamp

The Kopervik 54" LED Swing Arm Floor Lamp by Orren Ellis and featured on Wayfair is compact, clean looking, and reliable. It has an impressive 4.9-star rating and is priced at approximately $150 when all is said and done. This lamp is packed with LED light and includes a bulb. It is easy to maneuver, so you get that warm glow in the most needed areas. The chic, cylindrical shade helps you aim light efficiently and the minimal, industrial nature of its design serves as a stunning accent piece. The power button is located higher for easy access. A reviewer said it was an “excellent lamp" and they “ordered a second one for our opposite reading chair.” WE hope you’ll love it as much as they did!

LED Floors Lamps are great for reading. The bulbs stay lit longer and are more energy-efficient. The high brightness they shine is great for directing light more specifically

Best LED floor lamp

Brightech offers a great Litespan LED Reading & Craft Lamp. This lamp has over 3,000 five-star ratings and retails for about $120 before shipping. It is tall, easy to adjust, and great for all projects. This lamp is great for detailed reading and for picking up color contrast during other projects. It is safe to use, even for kids and is extra durable. The heavy base of this lamp keeps it sturdy, without it being too hard to move around if necessary. Brightech, of course, also offers their classic 3 warranty to ensure you are happy with this purchase. One review even said, “I have macular degeneration and this light really helps with reading.” They also mentioned it “casts a natural light which is bright and you can direct the light wherever you want.” Light can clearly make all the difference!

Best Floor Lamps for Bedroom

best floor lamps for bedroom

Lamps are essential for any bedroom. They give you the option to live somewhere between bright light and total darkness comfortably. The best room lamps are both great for studying or for a relaxing night in. A standing lamp is a great wait to fill space and add length to your room. This cozy accent will complete your space and supplement the existing aesthetic.

Best Standing lamp

Here are two high-quality floor lamps that will stand beautifully in your bedroom!

The Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp is great for generating a lot of light in a bedroom without it glaring in your eyes. Its massive cylindrical shade is stunning and makes a statement. It is priced at 12.99! A great price for students or anyone looking to save a little money on lighting design. The shade is rice paperwhite and it stands roughly 46’’ tall. This lamp will upgrade your bedroom at a low cost!

Another Ikea favorite is the LERSTA Floor/Reading Lamp. It is extra simple and great for chilling in bed or reading. Its sleek silver color and thin shape will add to your bedroom without wasting space. It is priced at $15 and will make a great option for your cozy room!

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

best lamps for living room

Lighting in any room is so important. It is essential for creating the right mood, bringing out the colors, tones, and textures of a space, and making houses feel like homes. The best floor lamps to light a room with will look stylish and provide your space with a warm heat glow. A torchiere lamp illuminates a beautiful uplight. This feature makes for ambiance and a softer mood in the space. The light it produces shines out of the top, unlike other lamps. It’s an amazing pick if you need an accent lamp or just want more light.

The Best Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Nahla 71" Torchiere Floor Lamp from Wayfair has an impressive 4.4-star rating and retails for less than 40 dollars. It is crafted from metal and comes in silver, black, white, and nickel. It also includes two upward-facing fixtures for optimal lighting. The lights project in different directions to highlight more of the space in a beautiful soft hue. This is a great lamp for giving unused corners some purpose and will look sleek in your home. A happy customer expressed it was a “great lamp for both our living room and dining room.” they added that it was a “great price & very speedy delivery.” Another said, “Easy to assemble no tools needed!” as well as that they would “definitely buy again and recommend to others. A lamp that checks all of your boxes!

Another great option for a living room with more limited space is a floor lamp with a built-in shelf. Did somebody say, Tower Lamp? Yep! This two for one special will help you optimize your space while looking tidy and trendy. We recommend stacking books, small plants like succulents, or sweet photos within these lamps to make them even more stylish.

The Best Tower Lamp

best standing lamps

The Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp by Brightech Maxwell is a proven favorite and works well in living spaces by accumulating over 6,000 five star reviews from happy customers. It retails on Amazon for approximately $70. The Walnut Brown finish and linear shape make for a modern feel. This lamp balances visual aesthetics and function effortlessly. We have a good feeling you won't regret this purchase, but if you do Brightech promises a generous three-year warranty. A satisfied customer said this lamp is “really solid for the price” and another said it was “just excellent” Two great floor lamp reviews. Order yours today!

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