The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Why you should have been sleeping with them all along!

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There is no greater feeling than snuggling into a cozy bed at the end of a draining day. The best Egyptian sheets can make that moment feel even better! Egyptian Cotton is where ample comfort and insane luxury meet. These sheets will make it a struggle to get out of bed: we mean that in the best way possible!

Why Are They Best?

They just are. But truly, there is nothing quite like sleeping on these sheets. They are soft, sleek, and made to actually stand the test of time, unlike other cheap sheet brands. The average person spends roughly 26 years of their life sleeping. That’s a ton of time in bed: so it better be worth your while! Best Brand Egyptian Cotton Sheets are a must-have in any bed.

Benefits of using High-Quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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  • they last longer due to increased durability
  • more for your money
  • preferred over any other cotton material
  • they last longer due to increased durability
  • light feeling
  • hypoallergenic
  • Ideal fit to the mattress
  • lasting luxury
  • temperature regulation
  • breathable material
  • options for every budget
  • less wrinkling thread count is substantially higher
  • dye color absorbs better into the fiber of the fabric
  • fade-resistant
  • softer on your skin
  • high-quality product
  • less pilling
  • eco-friendly options available

Where Can You Find This Material?

Originally sourced from the warm climate of Egypt, the material is made of the large-staple Gossypium Barbadense cotton found in the famous Nile Valley. This material expanded its reach and is now grown in Peru and South America, although bedding critics will say cotton from Egypt directly is still the best option due to the unique climate.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your New Egyptian Cotton Set

Your ideal price range: how much are you willing to pay? Size: How big is your bed? Preferred Material: Standard (basic), Sateen (soft), Percale (crisp), Twill (wrinkle-resistant), or Pinpoint (durable)? Thread Count: Mostly commonly found in the 200-1000 range.

Top Rated Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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We are excited to share with you what we believe the Best Rated Egyptian Cotton sheets you can buy. True Luxury offers one of the highest-rated brands you can buy, with over 7000 five star reviews. That’s a lot of happy customers. This 4 piece luxury set has all of the perks of Egyptian Cotton. They are super soft, 1000 thread count, and 100% Egyptian cotton. They are also sustainable and certified eco-friendly. These are some of the softest Egyptian cotton sheets and they are guaranteed to change your sleep for the better.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These Egyptian cotton sheets reviews will have you running to purchase these highest-rated Egyptian Cotton sheets in no time! These are just a few of the many happy customers that have adored these sheets worldwide.

One said they "have an ideal weight to them” (5 stars)

The next reviewer ensured these remain "tightly fit to their bed" (5 stars)

The third Customer stated they were “extremely comfortable" and even went on to say they were totally "worth every penny.” (5 stars)

The fourth user-focused Body-temperature regulation and said it was "excellent.” (5 stars)

And finally, one excited customer said they were the "most luxurious sheets I’ve ever slept on!” (5 stars)

Luscious Luxury

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Luxury Egyptian cotton sheets seem rarely hard to find these days. Luxury is kind of the whole point. Boll & Branch offers some of the most luxurious fair trade options so you can feel both opulent and ethical. These sheets embody sleeping on an expensive, dreamy cloud. Try this brand’s Luxury Fair Trade Long-Staple Organic Cotton Sheet Set ranging from Queen to King sizes. The price of this set starts at $500. One happy customer said, “This is our 5th set of Boll and Branch sheets and we love love love them!! We’re never going anywhere else for sheets!!”

Softest Sheets

Everyone wants sheets that feel like a soft cloud hugging your body every night. Sink into utter dreamland with a silky-soft, lusciously smooth sateen sheet derived from pure Egyptian cotton. Nordstrom Brand’s “at home sateen single sheets” are the way to go. These 600 thread count babies will make your bed 600 times better: maybe not that much, but you get it! Prices range from $110 to $130, which is a great deal considering the quality. This full set washes easily in a machine and hugs your mattress perfectly, which means you will get lots of use out of this high-quality product. One reviewer went on to say, “I love this new sheet!! It fits my king size bed better than any fitted sheet we have ever had” they also said they “should last longer because the corners are not so stressed. It's soft and comfortable.”

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