The Best Duvet Covers: How and Where to Shop

how to choose duvet coats

Our sleep and comfort are so important! Our beds are where we start and end our day so they should feel as cozy as possible. Here are a few of our favorite good quality duvet covers that will take your sleep routine up a notch. We’ve made it easy by outlining a great selection of the best duvet cover brands out there! Once you have one, you’ll want them all!

Why Do You Need a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover acts a whole load like your pillowcase. It prevents your duvet from getting messy and is substantially more convenient to wash. Duvets and dryers don't mix! Great duvet covers vary in sizes, colors, and styles so you’ll definitely find one that fits just right! Switching out your duvet cover is a chic way to reinvent your space.

Duvet vs Comforter?

A duvet is a smoother, featherier, and plushier version of a cover usually made with light materials that create its cloud-like quality. They are intended to be an insert to a duvet cover, unlike comforters that are used singularly. They rarely are fashioned with the same quilt seams that bind comforters and make them denser. Duvets must be taken to a dry cleaner.

Softest Duvet Cover

duvet coats

I think everyone agrees that our number one priority when it comes to sleeping accessories is.. softness! When softness is at the forefront, Egyptian Cotton wins every time. This cotton surpasses average types due to its stellar quality. The softest duvet covers are derived from Egyptian cotton and its detailed weave creates material worthy of masterpieces. Below is what big fans say is the softest duvet cover in the world. After purchasing this supple duvet cover, you will wonder where it has been all your life!

Try: Kotton Culture Pinch Pleated

This luscious cover is made from entirely Egyptian cotton and constructed with an impressive 600 TC. This is essentially code for softness. It also is crafted with an elegant pintuck pattern that offers an elegant design element. It comes in over 15 vibrant colors, so you can find the shade for your personal space that fits just right. It also sells in every size imaginable and will hug any duvet well. It’s zipper and ties washing and reassembling easy. It is priced at $100 and has received tons of positive customer feedback. The softest duvet cover reviews say amazing things like “beautiful duvet, “l adore this bedding” and finally “This cover worth what we bought it for. The pleats are tough and the color looks so cute in my bedroom.” Grab this sweet cover now!

Best for Cooling

Nothing is worse than waking up in a pool of your own sweat. The wrong bedding can cause uncomfortable heat, leaving you tossing and turning all night long. There is a difference between feeling cozy and claustrophobic. If you’re used to summer weather or happen to be a sweaty sleeper, cool duvet covers are great for easy sleeping. Breathability is super important when it comes to bedding and a high-quality duvet cover will help you succeed. The best material for duvet cover circulation is cotton. It is feathery light and will provide ample ventilation throughout the night.

Try: Wellhome 100% Cotton Percale Duvet Set

how to choose duvet coats

These top duvet covers are ideal because they’re constructed entirely from cotton and 200 TC. Both perfect for warmth coming from the great outdoors or even from your own body. It's beautifully light woven material will leave you feeling extra cool and clean every morning. It features two sizes and a variety of stunning muted colors that will complement your bedroom. This cover will look both modern and sleek in your space. It retails for under $100 and has over 100 five star reviews from pleased customers. One five star reviewer said, “these were excellent quality and accurately advertised.” Time to get cool, calm, and collected in bed.

Most Comfortable Duvet Cover

Comfort is key to a happy life. It is also key when it comes to your duvet. Cloud-like duvets should be wrapped in a just as plushy cover. A comfy duvet will make all of your dreams come true and that starts with the cover touching your skin. This beauty will make life extra cozy!

Try: Legends Hotel Supima Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sateen

This sateen weave cover is built for sleeping. It is priced at just under $200 and it comes in a vast array of colors and sizes. These cotton sheets are silky smooth and will make your bed feel like a cozy cocoon. It is crafted with 450 TC and it’s wrinkle-free sateen makes for a crisp made med. This fantastic cover is heavy enough for the coldest winter but breathable enough to be used all year long. A five-star reviewer said they would “definitely buy this again.” This cover will definitely look and feel great in bed!" You will feel like a true legend with this cover.

Best Colorful and Patterned Duvets

good duvet covers

Sometimes average style bedding can feel boring and predictable. Your bedding should be practical, but also fun! Colour and pattern are a great way to refresh your duvet. The best part about this is you can change them up whenever you get bored or need a new design. Here are two of the best quality duvet covers with a bold twist!

Try: Wake in Cloud- Botanical

This eclectic set will make an eye-appealing and interesting addition to your bedroom. This eye-appealing duvet cover retails for around $50 features a stunning collection of botanical-themed prints. Couldn't forget, they are also silky smooth, and extremely breathable making for a wonderful sleep experience. Many customers gave this set a 5-star review. One fan even said they are, “just so wonderful.” This cover will make your bed feel like a magical oasis!

Try: Levtex Linen Duvet Cover

This cover is ideal if a pop of color is what space needs. It is a best seller and holds an overall 4.2-star rating. The blush pink set is a beautiful shade for adding color without it being overpowering in a bedroom. It also comes in other tasteful color options if you aren’t feeling pink. It is made of 100% pure washed linen and is reversible for your convenience. 80% of customers said they would recommend these sheets to a friend. This popular duvet cover starts at $140 and will be a great addition to your already lovely room!

Top Rated Duvet Covers

There are many amazing duvet brands out there, but here we only choose the best. The best duvet cover must offer softness, breathability, quality material, and style at a reasonable price. This set has it all!

Try: Brooklinen’s Classic

Voted as the Best Duvet Cover of 2020 by Business Insider, this set will rock your world. It is reliably durable, well designed, and smoother on your skin. They are made solely with premium cotton and constructed using 270 TC weave. They are super eco-friendly and that means they are completely free of chemicals that are harmful. The lightness of this Brooklinen Classic will feel great on your skin. The interior compartments make it much easier to make your bed in the morning. You get to choose anything from solid colors, stripes, and dots. It retails for just over $100 but is clearly worth every penny. These sheets have over 3,000 five star reviews! One of the best duvets covers reviews says, “in love! I am super satisfied with my purchase. I received the order so quickly and it is so so cozy! I loved the little note I received including a complimentary tote! Definitely recommend these.”

Best Duvet Cover Sets

best duvet coat

Yearning for a stunning duvet cover? Or some matching pillows too? Maybe it is time to invest in a set with the whole package. If you want your pillows and duvet to match this is an ideal option. This coordinated bedding will offer your room an eye-pleasing and sophisticated vibe. This top-rated duvet cover set will exceed your expectations!

Try: Sky Floral Embroidered Set

This stunning flowery printed set comes with 2 perfect pillows and can be found at Bloomingdales. Its delicate pattern comes in navy, grey, white, and bellflower and it retails for approximately $200. This set is derived from 100% cotton and weaved with a solid 300 TC. This set has an average 5-star review and a happy customer said “I just ordered this not too long ago. I happened to be in the mood for anything that was exquisite that would add to my existing room decor. I thought why not go for the white embroidery. I am sure happy I did!"

Best Comforter Cover

If you happened to read this but you’re a person with a comforter, no worries you can cover up too. Technically speaking, comforters can stand just fine on their own, but if you’d like to keep them cleaner, using a duvet. You will want to find one that fits properly since comforters are typically thinner and less fluffy than duvets. A comforter cover is also a perfect method to switch out your bedding vibe when redesigning your room. Below is one of our favorites!

Try: Tattered Set

This duvet cover from Bath and Beyond has a convenient comforter insert. This set can be seen in light beige and lavender and any size you require. Its fabric stripes give this cover a cool, textured look. It also includes a comforter and 4 stunning matching pillows in various sizes. This jam-packed set retails starting at $200. This good duvet cover set is definitely worth the investment!

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