The Artist Painted the Facade of a House in France With Lovely 19th-Century Lace

House in France With Lovely 19th-Century Lace

A street artist from Warsaw, known under the nickname NeSpoon, has gained worldwide recognition for her delicate lace frescoes. And now she has brought her unique style to the small town of French Brittany.

The painting transformed the facade of the Сallaс building into a stunning piece of art. The artist took inspiration for the pattern of the fresco from the French needle lace of the 19th century.

The Artist Painted the Facade of a House in France

NeSpoon joined the eco-street art festival In Cité, which aims to bring new life to the small town through installations, performances, murals, and sculptures.

Despite the unfavorable weather, the artist finished her handicraft in 6 days. Combining advanced street art techniques with classic pieces, NeSpoon successfully connected the gap between old and new and demonstrated how public art can truly transform the environment.

facade of the Сallaс building

NeSpoon has been creating street art since 2009. In her works, she uses folk lace motifs to create frescoes, clay prints, and installations. Among her creations are the so-called urban decorations. These are ceramics with lace or other motifs, glazed, fired, and glued. The artist's works can be seen in Poland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Hong Kong, the USA, Germany, and India.

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